Cloud Security

Cloud Security

The emergence of cloud technology has simplified the accessibility and storage of media.

At eVantage technology, our security offerings provide a robust and comprehensive security environment for your cloud infrastructure, allowing you to use and access the cloud service with confidence.

Our solution not only protects your business from external threats but also helps in mitigating employee risk.

Cloud Security

Our Cloud Security Service comprises of:

Prevent Data Loss

Examining and rectifying vulnerabilities helps close potential data breaching nodes in your cloud infrastructure.

Monitor all Cloud Environments and Infrastructure

Have a bird’s eye view of all the data, permissions and accounts stored in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure environments

Mitigate Employee Risk

Your employees can pose a greater risk in cloud environments due to the easier accessibility of the cloud service. Our cloud security management ensures that employee risk is minimized.

Features our Cloud Security Service offers:

Cloud Security
  • Hardening the security in the cloud for AWS and Azure platforms
  • Intrusion detection system to identify external users
  • Cloud Firewall services to block unauthorised websites and users
  • Creation and Management of cloud environment accounts
  • VPN services to access on premise office servers and to improve security
  • Cloud usage policy designed to mitigate employee risk
  • Monitoring the infrastructure in the cloud

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