Cyber Security Program

Cyber Security Program

Doing nothing is no longer an option. Find the tier that best works for you now!

The FREE cyber security solution for Small Businesses

The PERFECT cyber security solution for Small Businesses

The COMPLETE security awareness training solution

Reduce your Business’ Cyber Risk

The goal of eVantage Technology Cyber Security Program is to:

  • Make accessible to everyone, a free cyber security program, which includes an assessment, toolkit and materials that they may leverage off for their business.
  • Reduce the chance of cyber attacks due to errors, especially human error.
  • Test, measure and report learner progress to demonstrate meaningful reductions in human risk.
  • Highlight the widespread ramifications of a real world cyber attack, adopting regular phishing simulations in a controlled environment.
  • Train staff on what to be aware of and what actions to take, should they suspect a threat, via short/impactful cyber security training modules.
  • Regular Reinforcement and the ability to add new users to the program anytime, ensures that no one gets left out, and every user goes through the same training modules each time.


  • The Kickstarter to enhance your Cyber Awareness!
  • Cyber Risk Assessment to evaluate your company’s vulnerability to cyber attacks
  • Complimentary & simple S.T.O.P Toolkit to get you started ASAP
  • Engaging Security Awareness Posters to raise awareness amongst your staff
  • The Perfect Cyber Security Solution for Small Businesses
  • Cyber Risk Assessment
  • Access to ALL topics in our Cyber Security Toolkit
  • Ready to Use Policy Templates & Checklists
  • Library of Security Awareness Posters
  • Short & Engaging Online Training for your team quarterly
  • *Note: no phishing simulations offered under Lite
  • The only Complete Security Awareness Training Solution
  • Intelligent Human Risk Reduction Metrics to track risk reduction over time
  • Access to ALL topics in our Cyber Security Toolkit
  • Ready to Use Policy Templates & Checklists
  • Extensive collection of print-ready High Definition Posters
  • Online Training for your team monthly
  • Perform unlimited Industry-Specific & Real-World Phishing Simulations
  • Merge real company information into your phishing simulations to emulate real attacks
  • Advanced Tracking Engine provides accurate reporting on staff’s response to simulations