Data Protection and Recovery

Data Protection and Recovery

eVantage Technology delivers world class security and disaster recovery.

Our solutions deliver protection against data breach, data loss and cyber intrusion. They also provide data protection including full data encryption during transmission and data encryption at rest. Real time continuous backup or scheduled backup is catered for including file and folder level versioning.

Data protection

Features our Off-Site Backup offers:

Off-Site backup and Disaster Recovery provides you with the peace-of-mind in that your valuable company data is backed up off-site should the unthinkable happen to your office or premises.

Off-Site backup is available for all of your valuable company data, whether it resides on a user’s laptop, an office desktop or on the company’s main server. It’s all protected.

In addition, laptop users on the road or users working from home can all be protected with backups being performed securely over the internet. Full data encryption is supported during transmission so you can be assured that your data is safe and secure at all times.

Off-Site backup is provided without the need for additional hardware, software, maintenance, or tape backup units.

Scheduled or Continuous real-time backup of your data
Full data encryption during transmission and at rest
File and Folder level versioning
Support for home and mobile users connecting via the internet
Support for servers and individual user devices (laptops and desktops)
Full monitoring of the backup by eVantage Technology

Features our On-Site Backup offers:

On-site backups are a realistic option for situations where the sheer amount of data inhibits off-site synchronisation of for sensitive situations where the data needs to remain under strict control and cannot reside off-site.

On-Site backups provides for a much deeper level of backup and allows for ‘bare-metal’ backups of serves or PCs, backups of whole operating systems as well as backups of large amounts of company specific data.

Scheduled or Continuous real-time backup of your data
Full data encryption onto the back media
Support for on-site servers and individual user devices (laptops and desktops)

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