eVantage Takes Flight!

iFly teameVantage Takes Flight – A harrowing tale of discovery, pain, and friendship

Earlier this year, after lengthy deliberations, upper management made an executive decision that the next step in IT support was flying engineers. We will be changing our contracts to say ‘off-site’ support rather than ‘on-site’…

Just kidding. However, on one special day just a few weeks back, we did have flying engineers for a brief period!

As part of a teambuilding exercise, eVantage Technology ‘got its wings’ and did the iFly in Singapore – an indoor skydiving event. The activity involves squeezing into a flattering body-hugging flight suit, and aiming a calculated jump directly at the floor. A series of powerful fans at the base of the circular chamber then lift you off the ground where a member of staff supports your body and attempts feebly to assure you that you are in good hands.

I would have to say that it was a resounding success! As mentioned in this article, fear truly does bring people together, and the fear of imminent mashing against the glass walls of the skydiving chamber made the team at eVantage closer than ever. Management is thoroughly pleased by the newfound sense of kinship among the team and has decided to continue with this manner of corporate outing. I will be reporting from our next event, cordless bungee jumping in Phuket.

Jokes aside, the event was actually really fun, and a great place for a company outing!