File Sync & Share

Make BYOD work for your company

In the BYOD era, employees tend to use both their company’s IT infrastructure and their own mobile devices as well as free consumer cloud services for professional purposes. This has created a new challenge for IT security managers because BYOD and corporate infrastructure simply do not harmonise and put sensible company data at risk.

eVantage Technology’s Enterprise File Synchronisation and Sharing (EFSS) solution,
based on a secure private cloud, can help your business overcome this challenge.


Unmatched data protection thanks to the private cloud: you own your encryption keys so your cloud provider cannot access your confidential data.

Synchronise and share files of any size across any device and with both internal and external users.

Secure synching of information via the cloud – including in-built Anti-Virus which scans each and every file upload and download for malware.

User-friendly, mobile-friendly private cloud interface.

Access and edit files from anywhere

3-tier architecture which facilitates horizontal and vertical scaling.