Infrastructure Hardening

Infrastructure Hardening

Handling and protection of data is a key asset in many businesses today. With the increased frequency of cyber-attacks on businesses, all it takes is for one unsecured device for intruders to gain access to sensitive company data. Hence it is important, that a robust and secured IT infrastructure be set in place spanning across end user devices, servers and networks which are secured and encrypted with the latest technology.

At eVantage technology we offer services to implement a new IT infrastructure or upgrade your current IT infrastructure based on your business requirements.

Our services also come with an experienced team who can provide support and resolve issues immediately.

Infrastructure Hardening

Our Infrastructure Hardening Service comprises of:

Customized to your Requirements

We redesign and implement IT infrastructure based on various factors including your business requirements, office layout, security requirements and through conducting security audits.

All-in-One Solution

We provide solutions for on premise devices such as servers, printers and network devices as well as for end user devices.

Dedicated Customer Service

We believe in offering the best possible service to our clients. Our helpdesk is available daily from 9am to 6pm and we also provide onsite support when you require it most.

Features our Infrastructure Hardening Service offers:

Infrastructure Hardening
  • Hardening the security in the on-premise servers, network devices such as firewalls, switches, AP etc.
  • Conducting security audits to measure vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure
  • Redesign the infrastructure based on the requirements of the client
  • Setting up security in the hybrid infrastructure
  • Creation of network and IT infrastructure diagrams

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