Managed Cyber Security Awareness Training

Managed Cyber Security Awareness Training

Welcome to your fully managed Cyber Security Awareness Training Program.

eVantage Technology is an experienced Managed Service Provider that adopts Security into the core of our business.

Our Fully Managed Cyber Security Awareness Training Program will allow you to provide an effective and engaging security awareness training to your staff and leave everything to us. We will help you administer and run everything, from your regular phishing simulations based off real-world scenarios, to processing and reporting your raw data.

Cyber Security

Companies are more at risk now than ever.

70% of Employees do not understand Cyber Security!

  • Poor password hygiene
  • Unable to identify phishing emails
  • Poor web browsing behaviour
  • Unsafe remote access
  • Information classification
  • Email / SMS spoofing
  • Ransomware response
Managed Cyber Security

With our Managed Cyber Security Awareness Training:

Managed Cyber Security

Leave Your Phishing Campaigns to Us

Leave is to us to administer regular phishing simulations to determine which staff are most at risk. For any staff who fall victim to a phishing campaign, they’ll automatically be enrolled into tailored awareness training.

Unable to Process Raw Data? We’ll do the Reporting

Receive detailed reporting from us, highlighting which staff and departments are at-risk. At-risk staff will be auto-enrolled into phishing awareness training.

Cyber Security
Managed Cyber Security

We Use Real World Templates

Our campaigns use industry-specific spear phishing content that emulates real-world scenarios and prepares you for realistic attacks.

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  • 36 HD Print-Ready Cyber Security Posters
  • 18 Category Security Framework
  • Cyber Health Check & Risk Assessment Dashboard
  • Ready-to-Edit Policy Templates, Checklists, and Marketplace of Vetted Vendors
  • 28 Training Topics covered based on Real-World Events
  • End User Training Video & Quiz (3 Videos per Quarter)
  • Quarterly Cyber Health Check Report
  • Quarterly End User Training Report
  • Quarterly Phishing Report


  • All Items in Basic Tier
  • Quarterly Phishing Campaign to Highlight & Auto-Enrol At-Risk Staff

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