Network Security Services


Having a secure company network is key to ensuring a safe working environment. Office networks consistent of complex and distributed networks and managing them can be a complicated task.

At eVantage technology, we provide network security services which can identify external threats and protect you from these threats in real time.

Network Security

Our Network Security Service comprises of:


Detection of unknown disturbance activities in the network


Reducing exposure to unknown risks through managing access to applications and websites.

Detailed Reporting

Our network security service provides a detailed reporting of potential risks and threats which have been captured.

Real-Time Protection

Real-time identification of risks augmented with context aware machine learning

Features our Network Security Service offers:

Network Security
  • Detection of disturbance activity in network
  • Real-time network and endpoint, data collection and classification
  • Provides classifications of alerts based upon the nature of the risk posed to the networks
  • Provides the number of alerts sensor received within a time period (daily, weekly and custom time periods)
  • Detailed reporting of alerts captured with IP and MAC addresses for the reported device
  • Adopts context-aware machine learning model and algorithms across every dimension of user, device and application behavior.

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