Cyber Security Training October Offers & Promotions

Cyber Security Awareness Month
Offers & Promotions*

*Valid only for the month of October

Did you know that October is Cyber Security Awareness Month?

Cyber Security Awareness Month – observed every October – was created to ensure everyone has the resources they need to stay safer and more secure online.

The overarching theme for Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020 is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.” The theme empowers individuals and organisations to own their role in protecting their part of cyberspace, with a particular emphasis on the key message for 2020: “If you connect it, protect it.” If companies do their part – implementing stronger security practices, raising employee awareness by training employees – our business world will be safer and more resilient for everyone.

At eVantage Technology, we want to ensure that these security services and solutions are readily available to you and your company to stay safer and more secure online. We understand that COVID-19 has reduced most companies’ revenue resulting in tighter budgets. Hence, we want to help you through this uncertain time by providing you with the security services and solutions that your company needs right now to be cyber safe! 

We have thus curated 4 Special Service Offers & Bundle Promotions exclusively for you this October!

October Cyber Security Month Service Offers

*1 week FREE Cyber Security Awareness Training trial for up to 5 learners + a waiver of one-time setup fee if subscribed within 1 month from the end of the trial

*Book an appointment with us and get a 30 minutes FREE virtual IT consultation

*Get your Internal Vulnerability Assessment for up to 50 devices at $1,199 (U.P. from $1,799)

*Book an appointment with us and get a 30 minutes FREE virtual IT consultation

October Cyber Security Month Bundle Promotions

*Subscribe to one of our Managed Security Services and get a FREE real-time email phishing simulation + an additional FREE one month subscription to our Cyber Security Awareness Program

*Book an appointment with us and get a 30 minutes FREE virtual IT consultation

*Subscribe to one of our Managed Security Services and get a FREE real-time email phishing simulation + an additional FREE one month subscription to our Cyber Security Awareness Program

*FREE Internal Vulnerability Assessment for up to 5 devices

*Book an appointment with us and get a 30 minutes FREE virtual IT consultation

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About our Cyber Security Awareness Training Program

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training Program enhances company’s cyber security by delivering an effective cyber security awareness program to your staff, offering a complete solution to test, train, measure and mitigate human risk.

Online Awareness Program

Each month you will receive an email with access details to complete a short online awareness program. These must be completed within 7 days of the due date. Although we maintain controls to help protect our networks and computers from cyber threats, we rely on the end users to be our first line of defense.

Simulated Phishing Attack

You will receive a simulated phishing attack from time to time. 'Phishing' is the most common type of cyber-attack that affects organizations like ours. Phishing attacks can take many forms, but they all share a common goal of getting you to share sensitive information such as login credentials, credit card information, or bank account details. The goal of our phishing simulation is to provide you with a safe, simulated environment where you can experience what a real phishing attack looks like. If you happen to click a simulated link, you will be automatically enrolled in the phishing security training.


A Behavioral Analytics to identify Engagement and risks and a detailed reporting of results would be done by our Security Team.

About our Managed Security Services

Our Managed Security Services is a subscription-based security services includes outsourced monitoring and management of client’s security system and devices.

Fully Managed Services

Fully Managed Security Services is an option where eVantage owns the security technologies and manages and monitors the security events including the critical hardware components such as Firewall, IDS, Wireless routers etc.

Partially-Managed Services

Partially-Managed Services has the option of hybrid/partially own the security technologies if the client has already purchased or owns the security

Managed Security Services

About our Internal Vulnerability Assessment

Our Internal Vulnerability Assessment is done to identify, quantify and prioritize the weaknesses in a system.

A Full Scan vulnerability assessment would be done in either for the Internal Network IP’s or a website and a complete reporting would be created. Report with each weakness will have its own remedies.

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eVantage Technology is an experienced, professional and trusted IT solutions company dedicated to providing exceptional service to businesses in Singapore and across Asia, with IT Security forming the core of our services.

We work with organisations of every size and from every sector. One thing is constant throughout all of these partnerships – a relentless focus on delivering outstanding customer satisfaction.

How do we deliver on this promise? We have assembled a team of IT experts from varied industry backgrounds, cultures and generations. Working together, our team provides the best of East and West business knowledge, with the international exposure and critical local knowledge to successfully meet all your IT needs. 

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service; think of us as your IT concierge. By combining our extensive technological experience with a thorough understanding of your needs we deliver high quality and relevant solutions that work.

When you partner with us you can be sure your business needs are in safe hands.

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