Security Consultant

Security Consultant

With emerging and evolving computer threats and the increased frequency of cyber-attacks on organizations it is important to assess, and address vulnerabilities present in your office IT infrastructure.

Our Security consulting service help to protect your systems, minimize data theft and safeguard your business assets.

Designed to monitor system security, analyse potential risks and threats and protect your emails and data, our solutions take away the worry of data loss and theft, leaving you to concentrate on operating your business.

Security Consultant

Our Security Consultant Service comprises of:

Security Audits

As a security consultant, we perform audits, penetration tests and risk assessments to measure the security standards of your IT infrastructure

Managed Security Services

We provide managed security services such as: (1) Email Security, (2) Encryption, (3) Cloud Security, (4) Network Security, (5) Infrastructure Hardening, (6) User Awareness Training

Policy Implementation Consulting

We help your organization in the creation of an IT/security policy based on your requirements while staying relevant to IT guidelines

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