Testimonial by Colin Seymour


eVantage Technology interviewed Mr. Colin Seymour – Deputy Managing Director of Hevilift – to learn more about his experience working with eVantage Technology:

Tell us about Hevilift Group.

Hevilift is an aviation charter company working predominantly for oil, gas, and mining ports. We provide airborne transportation of personnel and equipment across a variety of environments. We mainly operate around Southeast Asia; predominantly about 65% of our business is done in Papua New Guinea. We are currently expanding our services to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar.

How does IT affect your business?

There are two elements that compose the critical aspect of IT for us. There’s the management of our maintenance records and our maintenance systems, and then there’s the general communications. Considering that most of our work is conducted in rural areas, it’s important that we have the ability to communicate between our various sites. It’s about having a system to manage our maintenance, our fleet, and our asset management.

How has eVantage Technology helped your business?

When we moved our head office to Singapore in 2011, we were looking to change our major IT platform in terms of our software. We got a recommendation from SPO (Swire Pacific Offshore), a client of eVantage. After we met the Directors, they ran a full system audit of all our systems. We’ve been through quite a significant hardware upgrade since then, and eVantage Technology’s technical expertise in managing that transition is really where we developed very much.

Describe your experience working with eVantage Technology.

It’s been superb. The employees are very good people to get along with, which makes a considerable difference. The general engineering break-fix operations have gone well. In terms of their responsiveness, it’s excellent. I’m very pleased.

Why do you continue to work with eVantage Technology?

I would say it’s because of their flexibility. For instance, they saw that the initial service agreement put in place wasn’t necessarily the best for us so they were willing to change that. They’ve been very instrumental in terms of the recent upgrade of our system, and their knowledge has been invaluable for that.

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Aviation Charter Service Company
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