Primer on Cloud Content Encryption and Key Management

Primer on Cloud Content Encryption and Key Management

Mobile workers rely on Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) services to sync files across mobile devices, and to share files of all sizes easily with coworkers, partners, and customers. Many files in EFSS solutions contain sensitive information that must be encrypted for data security and regulatory compliance.

Encryption must be used to protect data in transit from cloud to device or device to cloud, data at rest in storage in the cloud or on a device, and data in use being accessed through APIs, metadata, or search tools. Encryption technologies use encryption keys – secret unique numerical sequences – to manage the encryption and decryption of files, limiting access to authorized users. Today, many EFSS services provide data encryption, but the services differ considerably in how and where the encryption keys are stored and managed.

Key management is oftentimes an over-looked area of EFSS security. The entity that controls the encryption keys, controls access to the encrypted content. This paper compares the key management

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