Your Ultimate IT Relocation Checklist

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So you’ve nabbed the perfect new office location, scheduled a moving company, notified your staff and customers, but there is one thing left to do. What could it be?

That’s right – Organize your IT relocation!

Let me just put it out there. IT and telecommunications are the lifeblood of any company.

If your systems aren’t working and your phones aren’t ringing in your new office, then you can’t operate. It cannot be overstated that getting this aspect of your office move wrong (i.e. delays & downtime) can have dire operational and financial consequences for your business

Experience shows that (a) you can never start the process early enough and (b) the lead times are often longer than many companies imagine.

So don’t procrastinate! Start early!

Sound Overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be!

Whether your IT department consists of one person, or you have a Managed IT Provider who will do the majority of the work for you, it’s essential that you plan each detail of your office move precisely and far enough in advance. Keep in mind that many carriers require long lead times for installation, so planning your IT relocation is not something you want to leave until the last minute.

Following this checklist will help you arrange and supervise your office move securely, effectively, and without interruptions in your services. This will save you time and money, as well as keep your staff and customers happy.

Your IT checklist: 7 things you should know

1. Plan your IT Relocation well in advance

2. Evaluate your current IT Setup

3. Assess your Communications Requirements

4. Prepare your Site Visit Checklist

5. Protect your Data

6. Prepare for Move Day

7. Test your New Office’s Network

Enjoy your new office!

Getting the IT-aspect of your office move wrong can result in delays and downtime, which can have terrible operational and financial consequences for your business. The guidelines mentioned in the IT Relocation Checklist will help you plan for a successful and low-risk move. Then you can kick back and enjoy the new digs!

Download your IT Relocation Checklist

Download your IT Relocation Checklist

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