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Endpoint Monitoring and Management

As your Business scales, your IT Assets and users increase in quantity, resulting in a more complex IT network. While it is possible to check every device manually, it would be very impractical to monitor all of them constantly.

It is essential for your Business to have an Endpoint Monitoring and Management (EMM) tool to be able to manage and gather information over all of your IT assets in real-time. By monitoring the Endpoint devices, system vulnerabilities can be quickly identified and proactively managed. For example, your IT administrators can view, at any point, whether any Workstations have not been updated with the latest Software Patch. Using the same tool, the Software Updates can be automatically rolled-out to the respective Workstations without the need to manually update each device.

We provide the EMM Service to ensure that your Business’s Endpoint Devices are constantly Monitored and proactively Managed.


Complete Management of your IT Assets

Features our Endpoint Monitoring and Management (EMM) Solution offers:

Proactive Management

  • Automated patch policies keep your machines secure from the latest threats – no need to manually update each Endpoint device

  • Real-time monitoring for performance issues such as low disk space, high CPU and network latency

Remote Support

  • Our EMM software allows our engineers to remotely take control the Endpoint Device with the user’s consent – providing rapid IT Support without the need for on-site engineers

  • No need to install Remote Control Software such as Teamviewer on the Endpoint Device

Scalable Performance

  • Our service is backed by a 100% Cloud-Based system with a proven track record of 99.99% uptime

  • No limit to the number of devices the EMM tool can support – as your Business scales, the EMM System’s performance remains the same


  • Our EMM software is easy to deploy and use with the pre-configured functionalities

  • Simple and easy-to-use interface on a single and unified dashboard – get various information about your Business’s IT assets easily

Be Informed and in Control over all of your Business’s IT assets

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