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Business Continuity Management

In a nutshell, business continuity refers to whether a company can continue with business operations at an acceptable level following a disruptive incident.

Here at eVantage Technology, we provide business continuity management services to small and medium-sized businesses in Singapore.

From immediate virtualisation to screenshot verification technologies, our business continuity management services can be customised according to your data backup and business continuity needs. Our architecture ensures there is no single point of failure, backing up your data on site and replicating it to an off-site location.


Be in Control

Features our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solution offers:

Reduced Downtime

With our instant virtualisation technology, we can bring your servers back on line in minutes, not days – Keeping your business operational in case of a disaster.


Our Managed Backup Services apply end-to-end encryption for your data at transit and military grade AES-256-bit encryption for data at rest, ensuring that only you have access to it.

Be in Control

Regular reports and continuous verification testing of your backup will give you the assurance and confidence that your data is safe.

Cost Transparency

Hardware, software, management and maintenance costs are all part of a traditional backup solution – often leading to unforeseen and hidden expenditures. Our fixed monthly subscription rates put all of these in one single comprehensive package, making it easier for you to forecast what you’ll be spending.

Reduced Risk of Loss

Tight data recovery points provide you with the ability to roll-back to any point-in-time backups before a data loss incident happens – be it through Malware attacks, hardware failure, or network outages. Therefore, data losses are kept to a minimal.

Fully Managed by Us

Ensuring that your backup is working is our job. Our team of experts and backup specialists will constantly manage and monitor your backups – giving you the peace of mind that your data is safe

Prevent loss of data, time and money
Learn in our free eBook what a good Business Continuity Solution entails!​​

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