IT Security Services

Worried that your company’s data and IT assets are not secure?

Here at eVantage Technology, we provide a comprehensive range of IT security services to help companies protect their data and minimize their vulnerability to cyber threats.

Services include Security Audits, Penetration Testing, Web Application Security, SCADA and Managed Security Services.

In addition, we also offer compliance advisory & remedial services around PCI-DSS, HIPAA, MAS, COBIT, ISO 27001, ISO 20000/ITIL, as well as various other risk & compliance frameworks covering a range of industries and activities.


Our IT Security Service includes:

Cloud Security

Protect data stored online/cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure, Enterprise File Sharing Solution

Compliance Management

eVantage offers a various range of security compliance programs such as PCI Compliance; HIPAA Compliance, Risk Assessment

Cyber Security Training

Engaging and relevant security awareness training; Access to policies and procedures toolkit; Spear phishing campaigns

Email Security

Phishing and Spear Fishing Protection; Anti-Spam and Attachment filtering; Malware and Ransomware protection; Email Continuity; Detailed Dashboard and Statistics; Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)


Encryption for end user devices, emails, operating systems, servers, networks and cloud services; Industry-Leading 256-bit AES Encryption Algorithm

Infrastructure Hardening

Security Hardening in the on-premise servers, network devices such as firewalls, switches, AP etc.; Redesigning of Infrastructure; Creation of Network and IT Infrastructure Diagrams

Mobile Device Management

Management of User Permissions and Restrictions; User Activity Logs; Enhanced Mobile Security; VPN Compatibility; Remote Management of Applications and Data

Network Security Services

Real-time network, monitoring and endpoint protection, data collection and classification; Detailed Reporting; Detection of Disturbance Activity; Utilises context-aware machine learning model and algorithms

Office 365 Email Audit

Managing security related alerts in Office 365 Cloud App Security, Data Governance; Monitor User and Administration Permissions; Data Governance; Access to Reports

Security Auditing

All-in-One Security Specialist, ranging from email to network to cloud; Detailed Audit Reports; Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Telecom Security

Security Consultant

Assess threats, computer system and networks for vulnerabilities, design and implement the best security solution with affordable cost; Provide Managed Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment

Financial Fraud Risk Management, SCADA Security, Web Application Security, Security Audit, Penetration Testing

The emergence of cloud technology has simplified the accessibility and storage of media.

At eVantage technology, our security offerings provide a robust and comprehensive security environment for your cloud infrastructure, allowing you to use and access the cloud service with confidence.

Our solution not only protects your business from external threats but also helps in mitigating employee risk.


Cloud Security


Our Cloud Security Service includes:

Prevent Data Loss

Examining and rectifying vulnerabilities helps close potential data breaching nodes in your cloud infrastructure.

Monitor all Cloud Environments and Infrastructure

Have a bird’s eye view of all the data, permissions and accounts stored in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Azure environments

Mitigate Employee Risk

Your employees can pose a greater risk in cloud environments due to the easier accessibility of the cloud service. Our cloud security management ensures that employee risk is minimized.

Features our Cloud Security Service offers:

  • Hardening the security in the cloud for AWS and Azure platforms

  • Intrusion detection system to identify external users

  • Cloud Firewall services to block unauthorised websites and users

  • Creation and Management of cloud environment accounts

  • VPN services to access on premise office servers and to improve security

  • Cloud usage policy designed to mitigate employee risk

  • Monitoring the infrastructure in the cloud

Compliance Management

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training comprises of:

Risk Assessment

PCI Compliance

HIPAA Compliance


Cyber Security Awareness Training

The eVantage Technology Cyber Security Awareness Training Program is an easy-to-follow cyclical process which delivers an effective cyber security awareness program to your staff, offering a complete solution to test, train, measure and mitigate human risk.


Our Cyber Security Awareness Training comprises of:

Access to policies and procedures toolkit

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training is equipped with operational and policy toolkits, containing checklists, policy and legal templates to help your organization implement strong IT policies and procedures.

Delivering engaging and relevant security awareness training

Our security awareness solution suits companies of all sizes and features highly engaging content based on real world incidents. Our powerful LMS uses dynamic enrolment, continuous risk assessment, engagement and knowledge testing to deliver real results.

Topics relevant to present day threats

Our training offers training on a wide range of topics including Phishing, Ransomware, Social Media security and is based off real-world examples. A new video is released each month and is based after real world cyber security instances.

Testing of trained topics through spear phishing campaigns

Launch regular phishing simulations to determine which staff are most at risk. For any staff who fall victim to a phishing campaign, they’ll automatically be enrolled into tailored awareness training.

The goal of eVantage Technology's Cyber Security Awareness Training is to:

  • Make accessible to everyone a cyber security program, which includes an assessment, toolkit and materials that they may leverage off for their business.

  • Reduce the chance of cyber attacks due to errors, especially human error.

  • Test, measure and report learner progress to demonstrate meaningful reductions in human risk.

  • Highlight the widespread ramifications of a real world cyber attack, adopting regular phishing simulations in a controlled environment.

  • Train staff on what to be aware of and what actions to take, should they suspect a threat, via short/impactful cyber security training modules.

  • Implement regular reinforcement and the ability to add new users to the program anytime, to ensure that no one gets left out, and every user goes through the same training modules each time.

Find the plan that best works for your company!

If you do not have your own internal IT department, or prefer a managed program, we can help you FULLY MANAGE your Cyber Security Awareness Training.

If have your own internal IT department, or prefer a self-managed program, this Cyber Security Toolkit will help you protect the most important areas of your business.

Email Security

At eVantage technology, we provide an integrated cloud-based email security solution that protects you from a broad range of both established and emerging threats.


Our Email Security Service comprises of:

Designed with safer and a cleaner inbox in mind

Our email security offering provides anti-spam filtering, attachment scanning and anti-phishing protection so that you only have to view the email content that truly matters. Alongside this, our detection system is also equipped with an advanced malware and ransomware protection system to ensure that your inbox is secured.

Minimize Risks and Maximize Productivity

Our email security service offers security not just on your emails but also on all documents, in your mailbox.