IT Project Management

Before you spend money on your critical IT infrastructure project, whether it’s a server upgrade, network overhaul, office setup, or cloud migration, consider eVantage Technology as your trusted partner. We will complete your complex projects and solve your problems. Our skilled project managers and certified engineers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is completed on time and at a fixed cost, with no hidden extras.

Unsure of your company’s IT infrastructure set up and inventory?

Get a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment with expert analysis to keep your business running smoothly
with eVantage Technology’s IT audit services 

Turnkey Service

We provide turnkey project management. This gives you the convenience and accountability you demand that can only come with working with a single, reliable point of contact for all your IT needs. We have expertise and extensive experience with a range of IT disciplines that include:


Servers, racks, networking, structured cabling, hardware and software procurement, IT Audits, desktop deployment and installation (PCs, laptops, thin clients, printers, faxes).


Broadband selection and installation, PABX setup (analogue/digital/IP), recorded telephone solutions, audio and video conferencing, Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Hosted e-mail and file sharing, dedicated server hosting, remote backup and disaster recovery, web hosting, and a wealth of other cloud-based computing solutions.


Planning, designing, engineering, and construction of data centers, computer rooms and related specialized facilities.


Making sure your office and possessions are safe and secure: alarm system installation, door entry security systems, CCTV and safes.

IT Audit the eVantage Way

We believe that a good IT Audit is not simply to take inventory of equipment in an office, but also to create an in-depth report that analyses your company’s IT structure, displaying items in critical condition that needs to be replaced or updated, in a way that is technical yet easy for bystanders to understand. We will also provide recommendations from our skilled engineers on how to improve your company’s IT infrastructure to increase business productivity.


At a time to suit you eVantage Technology’s engineers will attend at each of your office location and perform a full assessment of your IT environment. This will include an analysis of your servers, laptops and desktops and your networking devices. The initial work will be carried out onsite during Normal Office Hours, and will include an analysis of the physical environment. Following this we will leave some software running on your environment for up to a week to collect all the data that we need to perform our analysis, and the report and analysis will be performed remotely.


We will look at the hardware inside your servers and workstations and their suitability to their roles. This will give you a good understanding of any immediate upgrade requirements and let you plan your IT spending for future upgrades, as well as allowing you to devise a path to hardware homogeneity which will drive down your support, procurement and setup costs.


By providing an analysis of the software installed on your machines you can immediately see an environment-wide report of where your legacy systems are and plan to bring them up to date. This report will also allow you to dive into which computers are carrying software you might not want in your environment and plan for its removal.


Planning, designing, engineering, and construction of data centers, computer rooms and related specialized facilities.


Each piece of hardware from the main manufacturers comes with a warranty. Knowing which computers and networking devices are covered under this warranty can save you large amounts in break-fix support, as well as allow you to plan your additional support better. We will give you a report on each machine in your environment.


We will provide you a report on the security software running on all of your computers and network, ensuring it is up to date and providing the best protection against viruses and malware.

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