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Testimonial by M3 Marine Group

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"One of the things I like is continuity in personnel. It’s nice to know that the engineer who walks in is a familiar face and our staff doesn’t need to find out who the engineer is or what they’re doing."

Captain Mike Meade, CEO - M3 Marine Group Pte. Ltd.

Company Overview

Company Name:
M3 Marine Group Pte Ltd




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Business Type: 

Offshore Brokers

eVantage Technology Services Provided

eVantage Technology Services include:

– Outsourced IT Support
– IT Audit
– Office 365 Implementation
– Network Security
– Hardware, Procurement & Installation
– Structured Cabling

eVantage Technology interviewed Captain Mike Meade – Chief Executive Officer of M3 Marine – to learn more about his experience working with eVantage Technology:

Tell us about M3 Marine Group.

M3 Marine is an offshore marine shipping brokerage. In other words, we buy and we sell ships in the off shore space and we do chartering, leasing, and such. The marine consultancy business is focused very much on the oil and gas offshore space.

How does IT affect your business?

IT is integral to our business . We live or die by IT. M3 would simply stop if IT was down. From a brokerage perspective, it’s needed simply to continue working. Our brokers need access to databases, they need access to real-time data, they need access to historical data. M3 is very heavy on documentation.  In this business you can spend days working on multiple documents.

How has eVantage Technology helped your business?

M3 was one of the early adopters of the Office 365. I got antsy about it in the market because nobody would sell me 365 when it first came out, including our existing IT provider. Basically, I met one of the directors of eVantage Technology who seemed to know a lot about Cloud computing. Soon enough, we entered into an agreement with them and they did an audit of our IT to see if a Cloud based solution is actually suited for what we wanted and the audit said yes.  Now, eVantage Technology does all of our IT.

Describe your experience working with eVantage Technology.

I love it. eVantage Technology helped us put all this together, from conception to execution it was seamless. The process was very smooth for us. I would say our experience with eVantage Technology has been a very positive one. I recommend them.

Why do you continue to work with eVantage Technology?

One of the Directors at eVantage Technology makes a point of spending an hour or two with me every few months just to talk about the IT market, what is innovative, what is going on next, keeping me up to date. It’s proactive management and it’s something I appreciate.  

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