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Testimonial by Rexults Clinic


"It doesn’t matter which one of the eVantage Technology engineers I speak to, they are all familiar with how everything is set up for us."

Mr. Bryan Wong, Director of Epiderma - Rexults Clinic

eVantage Technology interviewed Mr. Bryan Wong – Director of Rexults Clinic (previously Epiderma) – to learn more about his experience working with eVantage Technology:

Tell us about Rexults Clinic.

Rexults Clinic started as a line of medical aesthetic products that we manufacture. Specifically, Rexults Clinic offers skin treatment techniques that are different from the norm.  We own a series of clinics and spas across Singapore and Indonesia. 

How does IT affect your business?

It streamlines a lot of the processes for us. We have a lot of information, both for our staff and our clients, and most of the information is stored locally on our servers or in a Cloud. This allows our staff to obtain access to what they need in order to educate themselves and their clients which is a key driver in order to use our products properly.

How has eVantage Technology helped your business?

When we first started working with eVantage Technology, we wanted to shift all of our information from our server into the Cloud. eVantage Technology, with its team of engineers, was able to fast track this process for us in a day. They basically did the whole concept for us:  from the first call at 6pm in the evening, they had everything where we wanted it by lunchtime the next day. To me, that was amazing.  That was the clincher! I have never had an IT service company actually turn a project around so quickly.

Describe your experience working with eVantage Technology.

It has been very positive and one of the key reasons in particular is due to the staff and their consistency. A typical IT company may assign one engineer to you and he learns how everything is set up but then he moves on. We went through four engineers in a year with our previous IT provider! We have been using eVantage Technology for almost 18 months now and it has always been the same engineer.  

Why do you continue to work with eVantage Technology?

Because the solutions that eVantage Technology have been providing have actually worked for us. Plus their turnaround time has been impressive.  We have been through many IT companies and management services, and their turnaround time is anything between one or two days. eVantage Technology however, always come in and fix the problem very quickly. 

Company Overview

Company Name:
Rexults Clinic




Client Since:


Business Type:
Aesthetics Clinic

eVantage Technology Services Provided

eVantage Technology Services include:

– Outsourced IT Support
– Office 365 Implementation
– Office Fit Out
– Website Hosting & Development
– Hardware, Procurement & Installation

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