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7 Helpful Features Rolled Out in the Fall Windows 11 Update

In a world of rapid tech evolution, Microsoft remains a pioneer at the cutting edge, continually driving how we engage with our digital world.

The Windows 11 update stands as a testament to Microsoft’s dedication to excellence. It's more than an upgrade; it's a leap into the future of computing, tailored as “The most personal Windows 11 experience” yet.

Let’s dive into some key features that make this update noteworthy.

Microsoft Copilot: Your Intelligent Partner in Creativity

The Windows 11 update introduces Microsoft Copilot, your personal AI assistant. Whether you need to summarize a webpage, switch to dark mode, or create a custom image for social media, Copilot can assist effortlessly. Integrated within Windows 11, it provides real-time suggestions and executes tasks with remarkable ease.

Updated Apps (Paint, Snipping Tool, Clipchamp & More)

Familiar tools like the Snipping Tool have received AI enhancements, offering new capabilities. Paint, Clipchamp, and Photos now allow you to generate unique images from text prompts, edit seamlessly, and create videos with ease using the new Clipchamp Auto Compose feature.

The new Clipchamp Auto Compose feature can:

  • Recommend scenes

  • Make edits

  • Create a narrative based on your inputs

Easy Data Migration with Windows Backup

Transitioning to a new computer is simpler with the updated Windows Backup. It ensures a smooth transfer of your "PC life" between devices, minimizing the hassle and risk of data loss.

Microsoft Edge: A Faster and More Secure Browsing Experience

Microsoft Edge has improved in speed, responsiveness, and security. The Edge Secure Network now provides up to 5GB of encrypted storage, enhancing your online security and offering VPN-like features.

Save Energy & Battery Power

The Adaptive Dimming feature gradually dims your screen when you're not focused, saving energy and aiding concentration. PC sensors power this feature as well as two others. So, it’s going to be more common with newer computers.

The other two features that use sensors are:

  • Wake on Approach

  • Lock on Leave

A More Personal Windows 11 Experience

This update brings a personal touch to your computing experience. Enjoy personalized themes, custom widgets, and intelligent assistants, making every interaction feel intuitive and tailored. It makes for a truly personalized operating system.

Other Cool Enhancements

Explore more with Copilot in Microsoft Shopping, Content Credentials for AI-generated images, Bing Chat Enterprise updates, and the upgraded DALL.E 3 model for impressive image rendering.

  • Copilot in Microsoft Shopping: Find what you need fast when shopping online. Bing will provide tailored recommendations based on your requests.

  • Content Credentials: Add an invisible digital watermark to your AI-generated images in Bing. Cryptographic methods help you tag your work.

  • Bing Chat Enterprise Updates: Boost work creativity and enjoy multimodal visual search. Find information using only images.

  • DALL.E 3 Model from Open AI: Use the Image Creator in Bing and you’ll likely be impressed. It’s had an upgrade and uses the DALL.E 3 model to render images from text prompts.

Harness the Power of Microsoft Products

Microsoft continues to lead in productivity tools. With Windows 11 and Microsoft 365, we can help you stay ahead of the curve. 

Contact us today to learn how you can enhance your productivity and gain a competitive edge.

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