About Us

eVantage Technology is a professional and trusted IT solutions company dedicated to providing exceptional service to businesses in Singapore and across Asia.

About Us

Who Are We


eVantage Technology is a professional and trusted IT solutions company dedicated to providing exceptional service to businesses in Singapore and across Asia. We work with organisations of every size and from every sector. One thing is constant throughout all of these partnerships – a relentless focus on delivering outstanding customer satisfaction.

How do we deliver on this promise? We have assembled a team of IT experts from varied industry backgrounds, cultures and generations. Working together, our team provides the best of East and West business knowledge, with the international exposure and critical local knowledge to successfully meet all your IT needs. 



To be Asia’s leading IT Solutions provider through a relentless focus on innovation and service excellence.

eVantage Technology is committed to delivering innovative products and services that meet our customers’ requirements in an ever-changing technology landscape. We will do this by:

  • building great relationships, providing exceptional service and conducting our business dealings with integrity 
  • delivering great products and services that our team are proud of



Conducting our business dealings with integrity


Delivering exceptional service of the highest quality


Building great relationships in an ever-changing technology landscape

At eVantage Technology we value Integrity above all else. 

  • We are straight talkers. 
  • No fluff, no white lies, no exaggeration. 
  • When we can do something, we do it to the best of our abilities every time. 
  • When we can’t do something, we are upfront about it. 
  • When we make a mistake, we own up and take responsibility.

The Service we offer our clients is paramount to our business. 

  • We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by our dedication to service through sales, delivery and support.  This means that we focus entirely on understanding our customers’ problems and working with them to find the right solution for them. 
  • We differentiate our workplace by being in service to one another – we all have the same end goal and will lay down our tools to help a colleague.

Building Great Relationships for us means:

  • The relationship is more important than the sale. 
  • The lifetime value of a customer is the mantra that keeps our incentives aligned with the customers’.
  • We are a team of individuals that value each other and our individual talents.

Why Us

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service; think of us as your IT concierge. By combining our extensive technological experience with a thorough understanding of your needs we deliver high quality and relevant solutions that work.

When you partner with us you can be sure your business needs are in safe hands.

What We Do

We can supply you with a comprehensive range of IT services – all through a single point of contact. Whether you are a new company start-up or an established player in the marketplace, eVantage Technology can help your business by delivering a “right-sized” IT solution.

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Cloud Solutions

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IT Support Services

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Office Fit Out

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