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17 IT Equipment you will need in your New Office

The reality is this – when your business grows or undergoes significant changes, sometimes, an office move is necessary to keep the company running at full throttle. And yes, I know, the stress of planning an IT relocation can be tedious, draining, and simply time-consuming!

But an office move is always a good time to take an inventory of all your existing IT equipment, decide what IT equipment does the new office need, that may or may not be different than your existing ones, or even list out what IT equipment needs upgrading.

So here is a simple IT office move equipment checklist to help you plan and execute a fast IT relocation:

  1. Communication Systems

  2. Telephony – landline, PBX system, unless you’re using cloud-hosted services such as VOIP, MS Teams Calling services

  3. Internet Services

  4. Video Conference Setup, Audio Visual Requirements

  5. End User Workstation (Monitors/Docks/KB & Mouse/Laptops/PCs etc.) and Video Conference Equipment

  6. Printers and Copiers

  7. Infrastructure Cabling

  8. Server Room Equipment

  9. Network Connectivity, Servers and Storage if any

  10. Power Supply (main and backup)

  11. Temperature Regulation for server room

  12. Safety Precautions (fire, flooding, security)

  13. Entry Access Control System

  14. Access Control Points (doors, locks, windows, cabinets)

  15. CCTV

  16. Projectors, Video Screens and Whiteboards

  17. TV Screens

Of course, the above list is not exhaustive, and subjected to your company’s needs and requirements.

And one more thing: rather than relying on traditional moving companies who may not be familiar with handling IT equipment or advise you on it, seek out an experienced Service Provider in fitting out and relocating IT Setups for businesses. A Managed Service Provider (MSP), such as eVantage Technology, can help you plan out and project manage end-to-end each detail of the office move for a smooth transition, and even help you procure the any necessary IT equipment!

Want to procure new IT equipment for your company, or interested in enlisting the service of a Managed Service Provider? Click the green button below to contact us today!

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