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How do I Train My Employees for Cybersecurity?

As you probably know or have read, there are plenty of reasons why cybersecurity training for employees is a must.

But how do you execute training? And what are the best types of training to deploy?

Generally, training should be comprehensive and ongoing. Cover every threat possible, while identifying and attacking new threats. Stick to that guideline, and you will be on the right path.

Confused as to where to start? Well, here are the best ways to get there:

Cybersecurity as Part of Onboarding

The severity of cybersecurity should be clear on day one for every new employee. Take a stand and say, “If you work for me, you must stay smart, and stay alert.”

In addition to the standard training for employees, make sure to lay out a cybersecurity policy with clear expectations. Include resources for where employees should go with any cybersecurity questions or concerns.

By laying out a clear plan from the beginning, team members will be comfortable with the environment around them.

In time, your company culture will adopt cybersecurity best practices. When safety is second nature to employees, the company wins.

Cybersecurity Awareness and Recognition

To fend off any attack, you must know what you are looking for. Start by educating your team on all the common attacks laid out earlier in this post.

Go beyond phishing, ransomware, social engineering, mobile entry, and insider threats. Also, consider googling recent cyberattacks to see how the landscape is changing.

While making your employees aware of attacks they are prone to, also educate them on the potential costs to the company. Because a cyberattack can close your doors for good, that also means they could be out of a job.

Having an educated, collective force will boost accountability among your team. A united front is the surest way to decrease human error.

Ongoing Cybersecurity Training

One of the most overlooked needs of cybersecurity is to stay on top of the newest developments. Cyber-attacks evolve over time, and so must our defenses against them.

Refreshing employees’ memories is important to keep cybersecurity at the front of their minds. Cybercriminals never sleep, so remaining vigilant against them will prove important over time.

Cybersecurity is a journey, not a destination. If businesses keep their safety in mind, the journey will roll on and stay smooth.

Live Fire Attacks

Cybersecurity awareness is not enough in the modern world. Employees need to know what challenges they will face, but they must also know how to thwart any attacks.

Without the proper skills to act, knowing a threat does no good. As a part of your initial cybersecurity training and going forward, test your team for the skills they have learned. This is called “cyber skilling.”

Live fire attacks are tests that imitate actual cyberattacks. The most common live fire attack would be a phishing test, as phishing is where most wide-scale cyberattacks begin.

eVantage Technology’s Managed Cybersecurity Awareness Training

eVantage Technology is an experienced Managed Service Provider that adopts Security into the core of our business.

Our Fully Managed Cyber Security Awareness Training Program will allow you to provide an effective and engaging security awareness training to your staff and leave everything to us. We will help you administer and run everything, from your regular phishing simulations based off real-world scenarios, to processing and reporting your raw data.

Interested in enrolling your employees in Cybersecurity Awareness Training today before it is too late? Click the green button below to contact us today!

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