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How to pair Office Apps with Microsoft Teams to Collaborate and Create Better

In a time of hybrid work, business leaders want to empower people to come together and share their most spontaneous, creative and rich ideas.

Which can be hard I admit, when half the team may be working from home, and the other half may be in office. Because the novelty and purity of coming up or discussing new ideas is lost or diminished in such settings.

Therefore, relying on tools that require everyone to be physically present simply isn’t viable anymore.

So here are three of my favourite Teams capabilities that I think will help colleagues collaborate with each other:

#1: Collaborate and Create with Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams

In a physical setting, it’s so easy to simply pull up a Whiteboard or drawing board and just start sharing ideas.

Well, in your Teams meeting, this can also be done! Simply tap on the share button, and you will see Whiteboard show up among the options. Select, and let the brainstorm begin.