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The 6 Important Benefits of Email Encryption

Whether you are working from office or working from home, communication platforms remain a key part in our daily working lives. And email is at the centre of all this.

But as technology advances, the rate and ferocity of cyber crimes has also increased at an alarming rate, with more advanced and smart business email compromise scams and ransomware attacks. The bottom line is that these hackers are becoming smarter and even outsmarting us!

And this is the main reason why email-based authentication tools and solutions like email encryptions are so important in keeping the company’s data secure.

So here are the 6 important business benefits of email encryption:

#1: Prevents business data leak to unwanted interceptions

Most email encryption services function in the following way: an email message is converted from readable plain text to a scrambled cipher text. Only the message's recipient had the key necessary to convert this scrambled text back to its readable format. If the message was to be intercepted (either maliciously or accidentally), it will appear as indecipherable text. Usually, encryption can be set at the message, outgoing, and company-wide levels.

Without encryption, strangers and competitors can access to the information which is contained in your mail. Hence, email encryption prevents accidents from happening and aids in the prevention of data breaches.

#2: Protects private and confidential information

From contract information to the latest sales reports, it's imperative that existing email data remains confidential when sending and receiving emails. A single wrong-click can cause a data breach by exposing top-secret company information, making known private financial statements, and exposing sensitive negotiations. Email encryption protects confidential information such as your credit card numbers and bank accounts, employee PII, and intellectual property.

In the event that your mail isn't encrypted, third parties can make use of this info for malicious purposes. Outgoing messages can also be altered in transit - resulting in compromised and scrambled content. This information can then make its way onto the dark web, where it can be sold or traded.

#3: Prevents email alterations and replay possibilities

You already know that the message you send can be modified, but there is one more thing that is possible with the messages you send. Messages can be saved, altered, and then re-sent later on. One can get an authentic message first, and then receive fake messages which appear to be official later on. The recipient cannot tell whether the email message has been altered. In case the message was just deleted they will not even know that it had ever been sent.

Encryption services make use of expiration times and timestamps, ransom session keys, and one-time use passwords as they are immediately discarded to reduce the risk of message reply.

#4: Avoid identity theft and business email compromise

It's not abnormal to get emails that contain sensitive information from your employers. However, if the information is sent via unencrypted email, individuals are left extremely vulnerable to identity theft. If any person gets hold of your username as well as password which you use to get to your email servers, they can read the emails which you send and also send false email messages on your behalf. This is referred to as business email compromise and can be avoided if you go in for email encryption.

#5: Unprotected backups of emails sent or received

The messages you send are stored on SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Servers - outgoing mail servers. The backups of server disks encompass text copies of your messages. These backups can be present for years. So anyone who has access to the backup files can read your messages and use the information to your disadvantage even while you are thinking that you have deleted the message.

#6: Cost efficient for your IT expenditures

Not only does email encryption protect user data with advanced security, these cloud solutions are often housed within your existing business subscriptions. Per-user pricing makes it easy to track spend, and account for growth down the line without sacrificing security.

Moreover, your company would be saving tons of money in investing in such email encryptions, than for paying for what happens when your company’s data is breached! So it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Want to invest in email encryption for your company? Click the green button below to contact us today!

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