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Why Managed IT Services are better than Flexi

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Did you know that more and more of our clients are migrating from a pay-per-use or utilization based support service agreement to our managed service?

This means that all their IT expenditure is wrapped up into one recurring monthly fee, giving your people the best tools to do their jobs and the business a predictable IT spend. It changes the relationship into one where we act in the capacity of a complete outsourced IT capability.

But why Managed IT Services? Why pay a monthly “subscription” than aflexible fixed one-time fee? Well, here’s why!

#1: You are buying the Maintenance and Assurance with Managed IT Services

Here’s the thing.

With Managed Services, you aren’t just buying the hardware or software, you are also buying the value behind it – the maintenance and assurance of knowing that your hardware or software will always be regularly checked, up-to-date, and secure through accountability reports.

Think about it. If lets say you opt for a flexible plan, and say you bought a laptop from us, it is now then your own responsibility to ensure that your laptop is regularly checked and maintained, and up-to-date and secure with the latest technologies and tools. Imagine working one day and suddenly wondering “when was the last time I asked my Managed Service Provider (MSP) to service my laptop?” And what if one day your laptop got a virus and you lose your data because you had failed to constantly maintain it, then how? It is all this stress and worry that will eat into your mind, increase your blood pressure, and decrease your efficiency and productivity while working!

On the other hand, with managed IT services, all of this will be taken care by your MSP, allowing you to focus on your core business worry-free. We will check all the components regularly, replace or update them as necessary, and provide accountability reports to you to ensure a reliable and secure infrastructure that will leave you to get on with running your business!


#2: You are buying the Security Protection with Managed IT Services

Some might stinge and take the risk that their in-house IT professionals can handle any crisis that pops up out of the blue. Unfortunately, the reality is that this mindset could eventually cause serious damage to your company if a crisis does happen and you aren’t prepared! If your in-house IT team is away for the weekend or clearing leave, you could come back on Monday to a collapsed IT infrastructure (which could ultimately mean the end of your business as you know it).

With Managed Services, you no longer have to rely on fixing your own problems. You would get a computer and server support, remote monitoring of critical firewalls, data backup, disaster recovery, network security, custom software solutions, and future technology and infrastructure planning.


#3: You are buying more than just our helpdesk providing reactive support with Managed IT Services

It is our job to keep our clients up-to-date in the latest hardware and cloud-based technologies. A lot of businesses have no technological background when it comes to day-to-day operations or technological innovations. When you hire a single employee, chances are that their background is very focused and specialized – it’s unlikely that they are a “Jack-of-all-IT-trades.” But the benefit of working with a Managed Services Provider is that we have a multitude of employees who have a multitude of expertise, certifications and experience. We will have an expert on-hand for any need you may have.


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