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Why should I update to Windows 10?

Most people don’t like change. They revolt against it unless they can clearly see the advantages it brings.

It’s like if my parents suddenly decide to move from Singapore to Australia, I will stomp my feet and refuse the move to a foreign land. And it’s not because I don’t like Australia (don’t get me wrong – it’s a beautiful place!), but its because my whole life will change – new neighbourhood, new office, new friends, new doctor… I mean, even moving from Pasir Ris to Thomson was a huge change for me!

Nobody likes change.

If someone asks me to change my morning coffee from Starbucks to The Coffee Bean, I will already ask them WHY.

So if I ask you right now to change from Windows 7 to Windows 10, it is natural that you will ask me WHY!


I keep hearing and reading things about how scary and foreign Windows 10 is, but in my own experience (and that of many I know), it’s honestly been pretty delightful to use! Things like Windows Hello face login, touch-screen support, multiple desktops, Quick Access in File Explorer, and even the Edge browser has helped improve my daily computing.

Not convincing enough?

Well, here are 8 reasons on why it’s time to finally update your business to Windows 10:

1. Windows 7 Support is Ending

The first and most straightforward reason is that you have to – you have no other choice!

Microsoft has announced that it will end technical assistance and security updates for Windows 7 on Jan. 14, 2020.

After that, if you’re still running that outdated operating system, you will be opening up your company to hacks, malware, viruses and other potential future security flaws.

2. Heightened Security with Windows 10

Name one thing that I actually care about that Windows 10 will do for me.”

If there is only one key feature that makes Windows 10 a must-do upgrade, it’s SECURITY!

Windows 10 has far better intrinsic security features than Windows 7. It has inherited the Secure Boot feature from Windows 8 and made it even more secure! And unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 PCs can be set up so that this feature may not be bypassed.

Three other security features for Windows 10 are Device Guard, Microsoft Passport, and Windows Hello.

3. Ransomware Prevention

If you don’t like change at all, and insist on holding on to Windows 7, do know that older versions of Windows are more vulnerable to ransomware!

“Some people don’t like change, but you need to embrace change if the alternative is disaster” Elon Musk

On the other hand, Windows 10 features a built-in antivirus program called Windows Defender that can identify and block ransomware. Part of the Security Center tool, it is able to whitelist or approve which specific applications can access and change files saved in the Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures and Videos folder. Additionally, it offers automatic updates to keep your machine up to date.

Windows Firewall also notifies users about suspicious activities, viruses, worms and hackers even before there’s a problem.

4. Stronger Malware Security Tools

“My machine works perfectly now, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

If you’re still running Windows 7, your machine may not be broke, but it will transform into a giant malware-sucking vacuum! You know how vacuums consume the dust and dirt around you? Similarly, the malware will be sucked into your machine!

By updating to Windows 10, your business will be protected with the Windows Defender Exploit Guard, which scans for, quarantines and removes malware.

The update also gives you the option of subscribing to the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection – a more sophisticated, cloud-based service for managing security threats across your business’s Windows 10 computers.

5. Safer Web Browsing

“But, I don’t go to dangerous websites. I’m smarter than that!”

Well, if this was 10 years ago or so, and you told me that, I will gladly wipe my hands off this case and let you and Windows 7 continue living happily together. Because 10 years ago, pretty much only sketchy websites were rife with malware. But that’s no longer the case because…

Fully legitimate websites can also be penetrated and attacked with malware!

Imagine one day you were happily googling “the benefits of eating vegetables”, and silently, without your knowledge, Trojans are being downloaded into your computer, to be activated later or just run in the background.

It’s bad. Very, very bad.

But not if you update to Windows 10! With Windows 10, you are protected with the Windows Defender Application Guard. It lets you use the Edge browser inside a virtual machine. So if you or an employee unknowingly contracts malware by visiting a malicious website, it won’t be able to damage the computer or the network, because it will be confined inside this virtual machine!

6. Faster Loading Times

Another important feature is the faster loading time, or rather, its speed!

Let’s face it – Singaporeans are impatient. We want things fast, and we want things now! The only time Singaporeans will bother to wait patiently for something is queuing up to buy TOTO tickets.

In fact, we are so impatient, that often times, we don’t bother turning off our computers due to the long startup time. Instead, we resort to putting them forever on “sleep” mode.

But one thing for certain is that with the Windows 10 update, you will always have fast startups!

7. Configuring your Business’s computers quickly

Windows Autopilot lets you set up system configurations that can be downloaded from the Cloud onto your business’s Windows 10 computers.

For example, an employee can take a new computer, connect it to your office network, and it will automatically be configured to your business’s required settings.

A system configuration can also be tailored for a particular employee. Hence, this Windows 10 feature makes configuring, managing, and resetting your business’s computers easier, faster, and more secure.

8. Syncing your work between your personal and work computers

The Timeline feature saves “snapshots” of the Windows applications you were using at a given point in time. By clicking the Task View icon on the taskbar, you can select a snapshot to continue working on something where you left off.

These snapshots can then be synced across your different Windows 10 computers (if you are signed on to them with the same Microsoft user account and provided your files are saved on the Cloud).

For example, you can create a new spreadsheet on Excel on your home computer and work on it later on another computer at the office!

But beyond that, basically if you’re running a machine designed for Windows 7, it’s at least seven years old. That’s like 50 years in dog/computer generation years!

And if you are still on Windows XP … call us now!

eVantage Technology is a professional and trusted IT solutions provider, dedicated to providing exceptional service to companies in Singapore and across Asia.

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