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Why Small to Medium-sized Businesses are a Hacker’s favourite playground

Cybersecurity has always remained as one of the biggest challenges. And yet, rapid technological advancements have made this challenge even greater due to the higher influx of cybercrimes in the past few years.

But here’s a common misconception – that data breaches only happen with large companies. The truth is that regardless of the size of your company, including small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), all are equally impacted.

In fact, small companies are sometimes the most common targets for attackers. But why is this so? Why do hackers love targeting these SMBs instead of larger companies?

Customer Information

Cybercriminals know that SMBs generally store and handle customer data that is easy to offload for a profit. These companies thus often gather sensitive information about customers, including their social security numbers, bank account credentials, and other personal details.

Third-Party Vulnerabilities