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eVantage Technology: Your Trusted IT Partner in Asia

Extend your reach into Asia, just say Yes.

eVantage Technology is a professional and trusted MSP (Managed Service Provider) dedicated to providing exceptional service to businesses in Singapore and across Asia. We work with organisations of every size and from every sector. One thing is constant throughout these partnerships: a relentless focus on delivering outstanding customer satisfaction.

We have attained the SG Cyber Safe mark in Singapore, as a Cyber Essentials Certified Company, and are licensed by the CSA (Cyber Security Agency) to deliver Cybersecurity Services:

  • Penetration Testing Service License CS/PTS/C-2022-0174

  • Managed Security Operations Centre Monitoring Service License CS/SOC/C-2022-0143

Who We Are

Co-founded in 2010 by Lim Soo Meng & Sam Walker, eVantage Technology emerged to fill a crucial niche in the Singapore market—bringing the power of cloud technology to SMEs with unmatched service quality. Our journey began in a charming heritage-protected shophouse, and today, we've grown into a leading Security-focused Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) in Asia. With offices in Singapore and Indonesia, and a robust partner network across the Asia Pacific, we deliver comprehensive IT solutions including cloud computing, cybersecurity, network infrastructure, hardware and software procurement, IT support, IT consultancy, and IT project management.


  • With over 14 years of experience, we have served more than 300 clients of all sizes across diverse industries including finance, marine, oil & gas, aviation, and education.

  • Our customers and end users are primarily located in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, China, and the Philippines.

  • We have successfully completed overseas deployments in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

  • Our partner network extends beyond Asia to include Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland, and continues to grow.

  • We have built a robust partner network with leading technology providers and local vendors, ensuring we have access to the best resources and solutions for our clients' needs.

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The Team

Our team of over 30 skilled professionals specializes in cloud computing, networking, servers, and cybersecurity. Their diverse backgrounds help us bridge language and cultural differences globally.

We speak multiple languages, including English, Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian, enabling effective communication with clients across various markets.

At eVantage Technology, we promote continuous learning and support our team's education and certification efforts.

Why Choose Us

We excel in building successful partnerships, leveraging our extensive experience with partner co-support arrangements to confidently represent your business in Asia.

With a strong local and regional presence, we understand the IT challenges and opportunities in the Asian market.

Our flexible and agile workforce, supported by cloud-based platforms, allows us to work efficiently across different time zones.

Being close to our customers in the region enables us to provide fast and effective on-site support and troubleshooting.

We are ready to travel anywhere in Asia (and beyond) to ensure our clients' success.

We tailor our services to meet each customer's unique requirements and expectations, discussing and agreeing on the best engagement strategy, service modes, rates, and billing arrangements.


Managed Services


Certified Disk Destruction


IT Fit-Out






Field Services


Procurement Services


Hardware Installation


Project Resource


Consultancy Services



How We Operate

  • We provide end-to-end IT services, from planning and design to implementation and maintenance, to optimization and innovation.

  • We deliver customized IT solutions that meet the specific needs and goals of each client, with a focus on quality, efficiency, and security.

  • We adhere to the service-level agreements (SLAs), ensuring that our clients receive reliable, responsive, and professional IT support.

  • We invest in technology & align with top-of-the-line solution providers and vendors (last updated Q1 2024):

Operational Stack:​

  • Autotask PSA

  • Datto RMM

  • IT Glue

Some of the Key Industry Partners we work with:

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