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Testimonial by Commercial Intelligence Funds Group


"eVantage Technology is always very prompt and always ready to tell us what the problem is while managing our expectations. They tell us the good, the bad, and the ugly at the very beginning, rather than saving it as a surprise for later."

Mr. Andrew Wong, Head of Investor Relations - Commercial Intelligence Funds Group

eVantage Technology interviewed Mr. Andrew Wong – Head of Investor Relations of Commercial Intelligence – to learn more about his experience working with eVantage Technology:

Tell us about Commercial Intelligence Funds Group.

Commercial Intelligence Funds Group are litigation financiers and distressed debt workout specialist and have been in business for over 25 years.  Since 2007, we have launched a series of Fund Investment vehicles for private equity clients, such as Financial Institutions, Family Offices and HNW clients, allowing third-party capital to participate in our business. Our team is geographically spread out with offices in cities including Kuala Lumpur, London, Quito, Dubai and Bangkok.

How does IT affect your business?

Quite a lot. Much of our work is done with lawyers and since a great deal of our cases have large volumes of work, making sure all that data is available across one platform to all our offices around the world is paramount. We needed a system where we could store our data and update it regularly, as well as allow more collaboration. 

How has eVantage Technology helped your business?

IT setup Maintenance. eVantage Technology are partners on all matters pertaining to IT.  They have helped us set up our current office infrastructure and platform in addition to acquiring Office 365 for us, which is maintained through a yearly maintenance contract.

Operational IT expertise. Above and beyond  that,  whenever  we have IT-related queries on particular issues regarding our investments which require technical expertise in IT, the eVantage Technology team has always been able to offer us their expertise and guidance. 

Describe your experience working with eVantage Technology.

I believe eVantage Technology has a very efficient call center and support hotline which is streamlined and works extremely well. The staff are incredibly prompt and always prepared to answer questions. Our users, who range from their 20s to people in their 50s, have sometimes not been as quick to adapt to new changes.  However, eVantage Technology has always been very helpful and supportive and they explain things in a manner that even the most inexperienced user can understand.

Why do you continue to work with eVantage Technology?


We have a good relationship with eVantage Technology and it has continued to suit our requirements well. I have faith in the Directors and the team of dedicated staff they are building and we look forward to a continued relationship over the years to come as both our businesses grow and requirements change.

Company Overview

Company Name:
Commercial Intelligence Funds Group




Client Since:


Business Type:
Private Equity Fund Managers

eVantage Technology Services Provided

eVantage Technology Services include:

– Outsourced IT Support
– IT Audit

– Office Fit Out

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