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Testimonial by Conifer Financial Services

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"In terms of the engineers, they have great technical capability but they also blend in, they talk to the staff. In terms of communication and relationship building, they’re great."

Mr. Naveen Sivaambihaibalan, Director - Conifer Financial Services

eVantage Technology interviewed Mr. Naveen Sivaambihaibalan – Director of Conifer Financial Services – to learn more about his experience working with eVantage Technology:

Tell us about Conifer Financial Services.

Conifer Financial is a global fund administration company serving institutions and asset managers. Our company provides services such as outsourced fund investment administration for all types of funds, investor relations and tax services, and performance measurement and reporting. Conifer Financial is a global organization with office locations in New York City, San Francisco, Singapore and Toronto.

How does IT affect your business?

Our office in Toronto mainly does software development as well as handling and maintaining an in-house performance reporting system. Our New York office handles day to day issues, such  as connection issues, and server issues, and so on. We have a server here that connects us to the U.S. and it’s a type of interface that allows us to work with the U.S.  office on multiple projects.  From a business perspective, technology plays a very important part in the whole day to day work of what we do together worldwide.

How has eVantage Technology helped your business?

eVantage Technology has been providing outsourced IT support to Conifer Financial since 2012. The biggest project that we have completed with them involved the installation of cables across the office. There was a lot of professionalism on their end in terms of not disrupting our day to day work. They were very systematic and the speed and prominence of how fast they can resolve an issue was key.  

Describe your experience working with eVantage Technology.

I think they are a very proactive organization and the staff have always been a great help. The engineers have been very responsive in terms of requests and issues and we have become comfortable in giving them access to troubleshooting any problems that arise globally. They also have a dedicated team of people who offer flexibility to meet our needs. The quality of service is always there.

Why do you continue to work with eVantage Technology?

The response time from eVantage Technology has been very prompt. There is always someone at the help desk to answer our queries, nothing is ever too much trouble. Their engineers are friendly and efficient.  It is good to know that we have one of the good guys on our account. 

Company Overview

Company Name:

Conifer Financial Services




Client Since:


Business Type:
Global Fund Administration

eVantage Technology Services Provided

eVantage Technology Services include:

– Outsourced IT Support
– Hardware
– Structured Cabling

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