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5 Cybersecurity Statistics Every SMB Needs to Know in 2023

Cybersecurity isn’t just a hot topic of discussion within the IT channel; businesses and governments worldwide have too turned a sharp eye toward rising cyber threats.

The unfortunate thing is that many have learned the hard way that small businesses are frequent targets of cyberattacks – the idea of “targeting a victim” itself has come into question, and more realize that widespread, indiscriminate attacks are the status quo. This means that SMEs are more vulnerable to such approaches as they typically lack the awareness, internal IT staff, and cyber posture to resist them.

And yet, this is only one of many realizations that have emerged in the cybersecurity sector over the last year. Many new trends are on the rise, along with new threats, and SMBs need to be fully aware of them in order to protect their company’s network and data.

So what are the 5 cybersecurity statistics that every SMB needs to know in 2023?

#1: Hackers can penetrate at least 93% of a company’s network

According to a recent research, cybercriminals can reliably penetrate 93% of organizations’ networks! Insane, isn’t it?

A well-known IT research company recently conducted a series of pen tests across several large sectors, including finance, fuel and energy, government bodies, industrial businesses, and even IT companies. The results showed that in 93% of test cases, an attacker coul