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eVantage Technology - Your One Stop Cyber Security Licensed Consultant

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

We are pleased to announce that eVantage Technology is among the first few firms to be granted two new licences from the Cybersecurity Services Regulation Office (CSRO):

  1. Licence Name: Penetration Testing Service Licence CS/PTS/C-2022-0174

  2. Licence Name: Managed Security Operations Centre Monitoring Service Licence CS/SOC/C-2022-0143

These two licences granted are part of a new framework launched on 11 April 2022 “to better safeguard consumers’ interests and address the information asymmetry between consumers and cybersecurity service providers.

At the same time, this framework was also created as a regulation to improve the standards of service providers over time, and address three main considerations over time – namely:

  1. Provide greater assurance of security and safety to consumers

  2. Improve the standards and standing of Cybersecurity Service Provider, and

  3. Address the information asymmetry between consumers and the Cybersecurity Service Provider

Why these two cybersecurity services are prioritised over others is because service providers performing such services have significant access into their clients’ computer systems and sensitive information. And in the event that the access is abused, the client’s operations could be disrupted which could be costly and lead to downtime. In addition, these services are already widely available and adopted in the market, and hence have the potential to cause significant impact on the overall cybersecurity landscape.