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How to Create the Optimal Huddle Room with Logitech Meetup

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Do you remember the time when cubicles were a thing in offices? Or even large conference rooms?

Sounds so foreign, doesn’t it?

I mean, I wouldn’t blame you for that. Nowadays, when moving to a new office, businesses prefer open floor plans and even hotdesking arrangements, when there are no barriers between desks in order to encourage more communication and collaboration amongst employees.

And as businesses move to open floor plans, huddle rooms are becoming increasingly common over large conference rooms. Because whether we like it or not, a third of every workday is usually spent in meetings, be it online or physical.

What’s more is that the traditional layout of meeting rooms is also undergoing a radical change as companies grapple with ways to create optimal collaboration spaces for hybrid teams. Key boardrooms are beginning to look like a small movie theatre with multiple projection screens, and a robust video and audio system in place. I mean, you wouldn’t want to be in a meeting where you have to strain to hear the remote caller on speakerphone, or squint to see the slides if you happen to sit at the far end of a conference table, will you?

So how can you set up the optimal huddle room?

In order to set up the optimal huddle room when moving to a new office, you first need to bridge the gap between in-person and remote participants. Because a hybrid workforce would inevitably mean that there will be at least 1 person who is working remotely.

Currently, many conference rooms are set up like a cookie-cutter configuration – consisting of a long table with a monitor at the end. In-person attendees will sit around the table while remote participants will be featured in a grid of tiny boxes, often on the same screen as any shared content.

The new way of working is this – huddle rooms. Where small groups of people will huddle together in a room to take a meeting for instance, instead of a large conference room. And with a small huddle room, the video and audio quality is still very much important as it is in a large conference room. This is where video conferencing solutions like Logitech Meetup comes into play!

Logitech Meetup

The thing is, I’ve watched a number of vendors go after this space with stripped-down versions of their existing huddle room systems. What makes Logitech MeetUp stand out from all the other video conferencing solutions in the market today is that it was purpose-built from the ground up with small meeting rooms and huddle spaces in mind. And that makes it the perfect companion to Microsoft Teams or smaller-sized video meeting rooms.

Let me sum it up for you: Logitech Meetup has these 4 benefits that will help make your huddle room the most optimal it can be:

  1. Super-wide field of view: up to 120°, which makes every seat at the table clearly visible

  2. Ultra HD 4K image resolution: low-distortion Logitech-engineered lens, Ultra HD 4K optics, and three camera presets which delivers remarkable video quality

  3. Exceptional sound experience: integrated audio that is optimized for huddle room acoustics which delivers an exceptional sound experience

  4. Compact all-in-one design: USB plug-and-play and simply works right out of the box with any video conferencing software application and cloud service

Want to purchase Logitech Meetup today to optimise your new huddle room? Click the green button below to contact us today!


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