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All about Logitech Meetup: The All-In-One Video Conferencing Solution

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Here’s a penny for your thought: Do you occasionally work with colleagues or partners located in other countries, or regularly have conference meetings?

Well, it’s true – the demand for video conferencing and collaboration solutions has never been bigger, and continues to grow. And with this increase in demand comes an ever-increasing number of all-in-one video conferencing devices which have hit the market.

So what is an All-In-One Video Conferencing Solution?

In the past, if you wanted to outfit a conference room for video calls, you would have to purchase and install many pieces of equipment: the television, the cameras, the microphones and speakers, and a video conferencing encoder and decoder. And after you have purchased this all, to make it work, you would then have to install and configure everything correctly. Sounds laborious doesn’t it?

But whilst it is laborious, I do agree that these larger video conferencing systems still do have their place – in a larger conference room, where more video and audio coverage is required. But what if you have a small to medium-sized room or a even a huddle space, especially for small-and-medium enterprises? You would just want a simple plug and play solution that wont break the bank!

And this is where the all-in-one conferencing appliance comes in! These devices generally include everything you need to communicate and collaborate remotely in one unit – except for the television. They have a ‘sound bar’ form factor, which can be easily mounted above or below a television. They feature intelligent, multi-element microphones that can detect where a voice is coming from and isolate the desired sound to be captured from any background noise. They include built-in cameras that also have a certain amount of intelligence, being able to automatically zoom in on the group or person speaking at any given time. High quality speakers are included as part of these units as well.

But like I mentioned above, with the increase in demand for such video conferencing and collaboration solutions also comes the ever-increasing number of such solutions. So how do you choose among the many choices for video conferencing devices out there?

Well, I have personally picked 2 of the most popular ones – Logitech Meetup and Logitech Rally. And this week, I will tell you all about Logitech Meetup.

What is Logitech Meetup?

One of the front-runners, if not the most popular, all-in-one video conferencing appliance space is Logitech’s MeetUp ConferenceCam designed specifically for small conference rooms and huddle rooms.

So what are the benefits of Logitech Meetup?

#1: Super-wide field of view

With a room capturing, super-wide 120° field of view, MeetUp makes every seat at the table clearly visible! Even those close to the camera or those seated at the edges of the room. So there won’t be an employee who can get away with hiding in a corner of the room!

Motorized pan/tilt can widen the view even further up to 170°.

#2: Ultra HD 4K image resolution

A low-distortion Logitech-engineered lens, Ultra HD 4K optics, and three camera presets also deliver remarkable video quality and further enhance face-to-face collaboration.

#3: Exceptional sound experience

If you’ve had problems with sound quality previously in your online meetings, well, MeetUp’s integrated audio is optimized for huddle room acoustics and delivers an exceptional sound experience. Three horizontally-aimed beamforming omni-directional mics with noise and echo cancellation, paired with a custom-tuned speaker help ensure your meetings sound as great as they look!

Because here’s the thing: humans have evolved to associate human voices with their visible images. So with this intuitive and coherent listening experience, video conferencing would be a much more pleasant and seamless experience.

#4: Compact all-in-one design

With a compact all-in-one design that minimizes cable clutter, MeetUp is USB plug-and-play and simply works right out of the box with any video conferencing software application and cloud service—including the ones you already use, such as Microsoft Teams.


If you have a small space, the form factor and wide field of view on the Logitech MeetUp make it a great choice.

Want to purchase Logitech Meetup today for your small conference rooms or huddle rooms? Click the green button below to contact us today!


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