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Logitech Rally: Where Light, Sight, and Sound Meet

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Let me paint you this scenario in your head.

Imagine you are in the middle of the biggest online presentation of your life to your boss, your boss’ boss and your boss’ boss’ boss. And suddenly, halfway through the presentation, you realise that everyone’s video on your screen has frozen and that you have in fact just been talking to yourself for the past 30 minutes without realising it…. (no wonder you haven’t heard a peep of sound since your second sentence into the presentation

Yet, not surprisingly, this is actually a much more common scene in virtual meetings than you may think!

But here is the other thing, seamless collaboration and connection between employees is vital for any business, especially if the company is still adopting a hybrid working arrangement.

So let me tell you about my other preference for a video conferencing solution– Logitech Rally.

What is Logitech Rally?

Logitech’s higher-end all-in-one video conferencing devices are branded as “Rally.” The original Logitech Rally is a system that includes standalone speakers, microphones and camera, meant for larger conference rooms.

So what are the benefits of Logitech Rally?

#1: Improved video and audio quality

To start with, Logitech has improved the video and audio quality on the Rally Bar series. Logitech Rally now offers an Ultra-HD imaging system, delivering brilliantly sharp video, outstanding colour, and exceptional optical accuracy at resolutions up to 4K. The modular audio system also brings crisp, clear audio and unmatched voice clarity to the table.

How they did this is through the employing of 3 proprietary technologies, called “RightSight,” “RightLight,” and “RightSound.”


RightSight is a name for the camera’s speaker-framing technology, which employs a tiny secondary camera along with beam-forming microphones to detect human figures and not just faces, to ensure that meeting participants remain in view and are optimally framed on-screen.

It does so by automatically moving the lens to follow any meeting participants in the room and adjusting the zoom so that no one gets left out of the picture.


RightLight is a technology which adjusts camera shading settings on the fly so that all participants look their best, regardless of lighting conditions.

It does so by reducing video noise, optimizing light balance, and fine-tuning color and saturation for natural results across all skin tones.


RightSound is a suite of audio processing technologies and design innovations that deliver enterprise-class sound to video conferences. It helps to automatically adjust audio levels so that all speakers are heard clearly while at the same time suppressing background noise.

It does so by reducing unwanted vibrations and noise, and zeroes in on the active speaker to convey their every word with remarkable clarity.

#2: Wide field of view

Logitech Rally’s pan-tilt-zoom camera is capable of smooth capturing, and is able to pan ±90°, tilting at +50° / -90°, zooming in up to 15x HD with autofocus zoom and accommodate a 90° field of view.

What’s more is that if you accidentally mount the camera upside down, it will automatically detect and invert the video to depict the correct image orientation!

#3: Easy plug-to-play compatibility

Logitech supports a large number of video conferencing platforms in appliance mode, and has a plug-to-play USB connectivity ready for pairing with any Microsoft Teams room, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Cisco, and many other video conferencing, recording and broadcasting applications that support USB cameras.


If you have a space larger than that of a huddle room, and want improved video and audio quality with a USB plug-and-play compatibility, Logitech Rally will be a great choice!

Want to purchase Logitech Rally today for your conference rooms? Click the green button below to contact us today!


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