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How VoIP Can Help Your Company Save Money

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Just the other day, I got a call from my supervisor, and the caller ID showed my company’s telephone number. So needless to say, the first thing I asked when picking up the phone was “are you working in the office today?” (because working-from-home has been the default option since Singapore’s tightened phase 2 restrictions!). However, surprisingly, her answer was no! Now, how is this possible? It’s simple! She was using VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol.

Here’s a newsflash. The use of cloud phone technology or hosted phone technology is growing rapidly in the business world, especially due to this pandemic. And thanks to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, businesses can improve their communications while saving their financial cost. Thus, it is no wonder that every business is now looking to upgrade its communication network to Voice over IP technology to improve overall cost while reducing business costs.


So how can VoIP phones benefit your business and allow you to make great financial savings?


#1: Affordable Hardware

Traditional telephone systems require expensive hardware. Just imagine that every time you want to make a call to your client using your company’s line, you have to physically be in the office and using those office phones. Now, imagine just how many hardwares your company will need then!

And on top of that, if your company needs an auto-attendant feature then you will have to install a separate hardware for auto-attendant. This just increases the expense of your business communication needs. Furthermore, if you want to add second auto-attendant for a different branch then you will need to purchase a second set of hardware.

Now, by employing a business VoIP phone system, you become completely free to update or change your system according to business needs, without having to buy extra hardware.

With VoIP telephony, you can easily add or remove users, route calls over any location, update IVRs, all this can be done without any additional expense.

Most VoIP providers offer advance calling features that businesses need. This includes:

  1. Caller ID

  2. Call block

  3. Fax messaging

  4. Call holding

  5. Video calls

  6. Instant messaging

All these features come with a plan, so you don’t have to pay for each feature separately. And what’s even better, your employees can call from the office line anytime anywhere, using their own mobile devices! Isn’t that so much more convenient?


#2: Zero Maintenance

Just like any machine, traditional telephone hardware can fail at any time, and that can cause substantial maintenance charges and can be heavy on your pocket. On the contrary, if you use a VoIP phone system, you can easily eliminate hardware breakdowns and other preservation issues without losing any cost in revenue.

Additionally, traditional phone parts are expensive to purchase and cost more because you have to employ a technical team of expert to maintain the system. This not only costs money but also a lot of time. On the other hand, with the Voice over IP platform, your service is responsible for managing the system and its maintenance.

Keep this in mind that more and more telecom providers no longer offer old traditional telephone systems now. So people who still employ these phones will face some concerns on maintaining this system as it is becoming extinct. Because of less availability, it is also going to cost more.


#3: Easy To Setup

VoIP may sound technical to some, but it is actually easier to set up and control. Further, businesses can easily download VoIP apps as a significant part in their business communication; this can either be done by your computer or your mobile.

Here are some other reasons why having an internet-based phone system is less costly:

  1. Existing Internet can be used to employ a VoIP platform. Similarly, an existing landline phone can be used with an adapter

  2. It removes long-distance calling costs, especially if you are making overseas calls as you’re using the Internet connection that means the analogue voice signals are converted into a digital format which cuts the cost in half


#4: No Additional cost for Advanced Features

Many service providers such as VoIP Business offer features like call recording, auto-assistant, voicemail to mail, call routing, video conferencing, music on hold, and many other features at no extra cost. All these advanced features come as part of the package. These advanced features help small to medium-sized businesses become more efficient and professional in their work field and deliver excellent customer service- which is always needed to grow business.


Want to get VoIP for your business? Find out more about our telephony service here, or click the green button below to contact us today!


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