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The Business Importance of Video Collaboration Solutions

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Are you currently still working from home, having a hybrid arrangement, or fully working back in office already?

Whichever the case is, the reality is that more companies are getting their employees to head back into the offices this year, especially with the ease of most restrictions – whether is it 2 to 3 times a week, or every day.

But here’s the thing, even if you are back in office every day or having a hybrid arrangement, more often than not, you will be having online meetings with other parties who are not in the same office as you. Because technology has drastically changed how and where we conduct businesses, especially with the rise of instant, on-demand communications and the globalization of businesses.

This is where video conferencing solutions comes into play.

So what is video collaboration?

Video collaboration describes online meetings that take place over the internet to connect video conferencing systems in meeting rooms with personal devices such as laptops or mobile devices with embedded webcams. Utilizing a simple, unified video conferencing solution with support for screen sharing empowers your global teams to be more connected, productive and engaged.

It helps to boosts productivity, saves time, reduces travel expenses, and overall promotes collaboration. But these are just the tip of the ice berg – there are way more benefits of using video conferencing for your business.

So what are the benefits of using video collaboration solutions for my business?

#1: Boost collaboration and build connection amongst employees

Video conferencing software not only creates a more collaborative meeting culture in your organization, it’s a foundation for enabling today’s digital workforce. Video meetings help teams maintain human connections, irrespective of physical location, which speeds up decision making and improves your ability to collaborate globally.

This is because during a video conference you get to see the body language and facial expressions of the participants. This leads to a more effective and faster collaboration. It helps to make the employees feel that they are close to the home office also. It helps employees to gain trust in their employers and betters understanding among them also.

#2: Increase in employees’ productivity

You get an increase in productivity among teams because you can be in more than one place at once! Reduced travel requirements help key employees maximize their time. Holding video calls with customers and partners around the world boosts productivity.

Video conferencing enables participants to also stay more focused and alert on the topic of discussion. Thus projects get completed much faster. Productivity also increases and your employees feel more in sync with each other.

#3: Increase communication reliability between employees

Video conferencing provides a fast and secure way to communicate with your teams. As video continues to evolve into a business-critical function, it’s important to prioritize enterprise-class service reliability and support reliability in your solution.

Video calls reduce the misunderstandings that come from email and phone calls. With video conferencing, facial expression and body language deliver a more complete message. VC participants are also more likely to speak up and clarify information. Additionally, they will stay more alert and focused when viewed by coworkers.

#4: Save time and money on travels

It saves time and money related to business travel. Business owners connect with people by video conference for routine meetings, negotiating deals, interviewing candidates, etc. Thus a lot of money gets saved from the cost of traveling to different locations. This is greatly beneficial for a company as they start getting more returns. Thus video conferencing plays a key role in reduced costs of running the business.

#5: Increase employee satisfaction and its benefits

Repeat after me: Happy, healthy employees are productive employees.

And video conferencing helps with both!

Because I am sure you will agree with me that frequent travel takes both a physical and emotional toll on us. So replacing physical meetings with video calls will definitely result in greater health and job satisfaction, which in turn, boosts performance and productivity. (Plus the cherry on top is that this might help reduce job turnover) It is no wonder that telecommuting is on the rise, isn’t it?

Additionally, video conferencing supports work-life balance. In a recent study, 77% of respondents say that having the possibility to work from home after the pandemic would make them happier.

TLDR? Working remotely therefore translates to employee satisfaction. So the bottom line is this: Employees who travel less and video conference more are healthier, happier, and more productive.

How can eVantage help you with Logitech and Microsoft Teams?

So after reading about all these benefits of video conferencing, want to know the best part? Well, Logitech is collaborating with Microsoft to make this transition as smooth as possible!

How they are doing it is simple – the aim is to transform any meeting room into a rich, collaborative experience with devices purpose-built for Teams Rooms with high-quality audio and video.

Logitech devices, such as Logitech Rally and Logitech Meetup, together with Microsoft Teams support the growing hybrid workforce with a next-generation portfolio of integrated and PC-based collaboration solutions featuring one-touch and proximity join, easy content sharing, and incredible audio and video performance. What’s more is that Logitech’s new portfolio is purpose-built to support both Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows and Android, raising the bar to create a simpler, consistent, and overall better meeting experience for businesses and teams of all sizes.

The setup for all these is also incredibly simple – Logitech’s video conferencing systems for small, medium, and large rooms are pre-configured for Teams Rooms on Windows or Teams Rooms on Android, and come with flexible mounting options including table, wall and TV mounts for a flexible and clean meeting environment.

Additionally, you will be able to easily monitor and manage your meeting room solutions from the Teams Admin Centre or Logitech’s device management software, Sync. It’s as simple as that!

Want to purchase Logitech Rally or Logitech Meetup today for your conference rooms or huddle rooms? Click the green button below to contact us today!


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