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Why your business needs VoIP in 2021

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

COVID-19 is a roller-coaster. Why do I say that? Well, just this time last year, Singapore was in its Circuit Breaker or “Lockdown” period due to the steep rise of migrant worker cases. But after that died down and Singapore slowly but surely moved to Phase 1, 2 and then 3, we thought that Singapore had COVID under control, and that we were almost back to “normal” (except with face masks of course)! But just recently, one year after our “lockdown”, we face yet another wave of rising community cases. And employees are once again back to fully working-from-home.

So let’s just face it once and for all. Whether or not the situation improves, working-from-home will at least be an option to employees moving forward. And with employees working remotely, managing the team and collaborating has become a struggle. But this is where the importance of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) comes in!


Is VoIP the solution in Remote Working?

It’s crazy isn’t it? I mean, VoIP phone services are now undoubtedly the future of the telecom industry. Just 1 year ago, it was unimaginable that working from home would become the new normal. And yet today, we have communication systems that allow employees to work from home.

So let me just say it outrightly. The only way to deal with this crisis as a business owner is the adoption of VoIP technology.

The VoIP telecom industry is consistently providing support for the personal and businesses to remain in contact with each other. And what’s more is that the surge of the telecom industry has been on the top during the pandemic.

Because here’s the thing. Business VoIP systems are no longer just a medium for making and receiving phone calls. Today’s VoIP communication system allows businesses to communicate through the phone, text, video, which gives them more flexibility to connect with customers or clients at anytime from anywhere they want. It is thus no wonder why VoIP has now become a major tool for managing remote teams.


Here are some key points on how VoIP phone services help in Team Management:

  • Video calling on the desktop, mobile or even tablet, and on-demand anytime. You can make an audio call into video

  • Promote better team cooperation by dynamically working together with virtual working groups, co-workers, vendors, partners, or customers

  • Provide Mobility with mobile devices. So a manager can manage their team anytime, anywhere without having to give a physical presence in the office. This level of mobility enhances the overall productivity of the employees

  • VoIP Business provides a secure, reliable, quality team collaboration solution for small and medium-sized businesses. That helps in promoting sales as employees can better collaborate with their customers, have greater service control, reduce time to adopt some changes according to the market, and also encourage innovation


Still not convinced? Well here are 4 reasons why your business needs VoIP in 2021:


#1: Mobility

The VoIP services are generally not fixed to a specific location, area or point. You can carry your business communication anytime anywhere around the world without any delay by using your computer, laptop or even mobile devices as an extension of your office phone. This mobility will allow your employees to operate effectively while working remotely.


#2: Video Conferencing

VoIP offers not just voice calls, but also a wide range of advanced features like audio-video conferencing. Many education sectors have already adopted VoIP technology to give and receive advance online classes. Many medical staff; doctors, nurses have seen immense usage of this technology in their emergency during training and meetings in COVID-19 crisis.


#3: Cost-efficient (aka Cheaper)

VoIP calls are simply cheaper than traditional services plus VoIP offers free international calls and no installation or maintenance for this system. Businesses are saving up to 65%.


#4: Easy Set-Up

By employing VoIP phone system, you only need an internet connection (existing internet also works) and a calling device for this purpose you can use your old PBX system with a VoIP adapter. The setup is not much costly as it allows users to use most of their existing devices and in terms of feature that can be equal to traditional or landline phone system.


Want to get VoIP for your business? Find out more about our telephony service here, or click the green button below to contact us today!


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