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Testimonial by Rexults Clinic

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"I am very happy with the service from eVantage Technology. When there are glitches, they are very responsive. eVantage Technology helped solve all of my issues. That’s what counts in the end."

Mr. Magdalene Leong, Office Manager - Tricorona Carbon Asset Management

eVantage Technology interviewed Mr. Magdalene Leong – Office Manager of Tricorona – to learn more about her experience working with eVantage Technology:

Tell us about Tricorona.

We are a company trading in carbon emission projects, whereby we buy carbon credits from our projects and trade in the international carbon markets. We have projects globally, but right now most of our projects are in China, working on clean energy with our Chinese counterparts. Our head office is in Stockholm, the regional office is here in Singapore and we have another office in Beijing.

How does IT affect your business?

A lot. I am not IT savvy so without the staff from eVantage Technology I’m in trouble! I have learned a great deal from eVantage, it is a learning curve for me.

Describe your experience working with eVantage Technology.

I can contact the help desk at any time and get great service.  I meet the engineers who come in to do our server backup and maintenance and really, without them, I wouldn’t know what was on our server! I went through the whole thing with one of the engineers and he helped me label everything on the rack so that if we ever have a problem, I would understand. I finally understood what was sitting there. It was a mini education into IT.

Why do you continue to work with eVantage Technology?

We do not have an in-house IT representative and we rely on the outsourced IT services that eVantage Technology offer. We continue to use their services because we are very satisfied with their service. I don’t want to change.

Company Overview

Company Name:
Tricorona Carbon Asset Management




Client Since:
2012 - 2014


Business Type:
International Carbon Market

eVantage Technology Services Provided

eVantage Technology Services include:

– Outsourced IT Support

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