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There’s no “I” in (Microsoft) Teams

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Have you ever felt that feeling where you wake up one morning and think “oh my, where did all that time go?”


Ok, then how about in the office and you suddenly realize its 3pm, and you hardly did anything?

Do you relate now?

So let’s face it, we are all getting old, whether you like it or not.

You may try all the botox in the world (no offence to those who do turn to plastic surgery though!), but it is still a rat race against time!

And guess what, yesterday may seem like Generation Y was just born, but today, Generation Z is taking over not just the world, but also the future of work.

With a new generation, comes a new way of working. Gone are the days where people would work in silos and doing your tasks individually was the “IN” thing. As we pass the midpoint of 2019, it is time to embrace these ways of working – teamwork, collaboration, experiences.

But how do we foster greater collaboration and teamwork?

Well, the obvious no-brainer place to start is with Microsoft. Being the leader in the workplace arena, they are equipped with the software to enable you and I to be the best we can possibly be. They also have a myriad of tools that allow for collaboration, including technologies such as Yammer, Teams, Skype for Business, SharePoint, and more.

It’s certainly not about how flashy your start menu looks like or what font you use in Word. Instead, it’s about tools that foster true teamwork, and the one with the most prominent name is the future – Microsoft Teams.


What is Microsoft Teams?

The definition of TEAM is “Together Everyone Achieves More”.

Microsoft Teams is a team collaboration workspace part of the Office 365 Suite. Its core capabilities include Business Messaging, Calling, Video Meetings and File Sharing.

Teams enable groups of people, be it local or geographically dispersed members to work, talk, collaborate and video chat all through one pane of glass. It empowers employees to work with colleagues and talk to them, get their feedback and collaborate together no matter where they are. All essential items for being in a team.

Of course, we all need to work on our own sometimes. But I’m sure, most would agree, it’s even better to work with people and collaborate. Having a tool such as Teams to enable this is essential in today’s modern workplace. However, MS Teams shouldn’t just be seen as an application, instead, it truly is a platform to go much further than just some simple collaboration!


So how can MS Teams add value to my business?

In a nutshell, Microsoft Teams offers capabilities that integrates other Office-based applications into one hub, creating a collaborative workspace that is comparatively easier to manage than multiple standalone items.

All the services that your current plan has is made to work more cohesively with each other rather than each feeling like an individual item. Think of it as a Swiss army knife, you have multiple tools neatly consolidated at your disposal!

It helps you streamline your messages and calls

It is apparent that audio and video calls are one of the key features of Teams. But it does not stop there! In addition to that, you get to share your screen, schedule meetings (which reflects on your Outlook Calendar may I add), and even record the meetings you or your team had for future reference.

It lets you be at ease that your data is secured

Security is important.

Let me repeat that.


But with Teams, you need not worry about that because there is a two factor authentication on your team and organisation.

Moreover, files and notes that are stored within Sharepoint and Onenote, are backed up by encryption respectively. So let me just put it out there that with these security layers implemented to protect your company’s data, you can sleep in peace tonight.

It can work with a myriad of applications

Though it can be quite daunting to come face-to-face with a full page of applications, be it familiar or not, it can also assure you that there is huge array of solutions made ready and available at you and your company’s disposal. The beauty of Teams is therefore the fact that it can work with many different types of applications and even utilise the power of AI via chatbots. Appropriately implemented, it can be the single source of truth and communication across the enterprise, dynamically.

This means that your employees will essentially be empowered due to the ability to streamline and automate their workflow. I mean, it practically has an app for anyone who has a specific function in mind! And even if it is not available, Microsoft has extended an option to developers the flexibility to build and import their own customised applications.


Let’s be real for a moment

However, even though there are many useful and new features, it can still be vexing while trying to get accustomed to the user interface or permission settings which can come across as counterintuitive. This is especially so if you are transitioning from one workspace communication platform to another, where the need for data migration or adapting to different environment can make it unappealing to some.

Furthermore, a lot of employees, older and younger, may view an application like Teams as confronting at first, but with time and care and through an adoption program, it can really make a difference in an organisation.

Microsoft Teams can be the definitive platform for fantastic employee experience. Just make sure when thinking about the deployment, it is done in collaboration with end users across the entire organisation and not forced upon them.

So whatever your role, however you plan to work, make sure Teams is a part of your toolkit to enable you to be the best employee you can be!


From an Administrator’s Perspective

So now you have a chat for Project A, a chat for Project B, a chat for Project C, a chat for…I think you get the point.

Basically, it’s just clutter – redundancy and clutter. The last thing you need is a thousand of channels created for a singular purpose which clutters your space. You probably will be confused which chat to even send your message to in the first place anymore!

With a Global Administrator, administrators can be granted permission to effectively manage responsibilities without having control over unnecessary features. And this allows them to oversee details imperative to the workflow and communications.


Is it free?

I would say, yes and no.

Although Microsoft Teams is available for free, the paid version includes different tiers and features that might be ideal to your company’s varying needs. Of course, it’s all up to your company’s needs and budget.

The different tiers, however, gives users more freedom of choice for what is best suited for their own company needs, rather than locking down to a plan that they might not require in the first place.


Confused on which version or tier to adopt? Chat with us and we will help you find the right one for your business! Just click the green button below.


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