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What is Smart Hands Service and How can it Help my Business?

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Smart Hands IT Support Service is becoming a more and more essential service that’s being offered by IT companies, especially now more than ever before! With borders restrictions and the need to quarantine for 2 weeks in Singapore before being allowed to go around, it is challenging and costly for businesses overseas who have local clients in Singapore who need technical help and support! So this is where Smart Hands comes into play!


What is Smart Hands?

Smart Hands is an on-site, operational support service for remote management, installation and troubleshooting of your equipment. Basically, Smart Hands refers to an individual or team of specialised technicians stationed on-site (in Singapore) that can quickly respond to problems that may arise within your IT infrastructure.

Many clients of IT companies have either on-site or remote IT infrastructures that they need to maintain, and Smart Hands programs are meant to either assist client’s in-house IT department or independently handle the management of these IT infrastructures, as appropriate.

When you can’t be on-site, eVantage Technology can! We are on-site, on-call, and ready to help.

eVantage Technology’s Smart Hands Support Service is tailored towards organisations who already have a centralised network engineering or IT team, but need a consistent and reliable pair of hands to be on-site or require an extended technical support.

Our highly-trained and experienced support engineers will be there to provide you with the assistance to perform basic to skilled functions and tasks to equipment and the environment when you can’t be.

It usually includes things like management of colocation equipment, rack and stack, circuit testing, complex cable configurations, equipment testing, troubleshooting, and setting up a firewall.


Why is Smart Hands important?

It’s vital to companies around the world that IT infrastructures be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure smooth operation without interruption. Managed IT Smart Hands on-site services ensure that an IT company can either fully handle this service or assist an in-house IT team in handling them.

With technicians on-site, IT experts can more easily find and fix the source of the problem, or optimise and improve your IT infrastructure’s performance, and handle those new installations that simply cannot be done remotely. Some things absolutely require on-site services in order to get the job done.


How will Smart Hands Help my Business?

Smart Hands Service ensures there’s someone on hand to respond efficiently to address problems that might occur with your servers. We do this by providing efficient on-site technical support for your clients in Singapore, IT consulting services to find the best solution tailored to your needs, access to knowledgeable PRO IT Engineers who will be an extension to your team, and troubleshooting any issues or problems that may arise.


#1: Quicker Response Times

One significant benefit of the service is quicker response times to issue due to having technicians on-site. Both the frequency of server issues, and the amount of time it takes to solve the problem, will be greatly reduced with Smart Hands IT support. This can greatly reduce the frequency of server down times and service interruptions that your business may experience.

Moreover, this is also actually more practical for businesses which host and operate their own servers. With Smart Hands, you have a peace of mind that all technical issues can be resolved in as little time as possible. You can also submit your queries and requests (e.g. for upgrades) through an on-site technician and receive responses efficiently.


#2: Improved Data Security

Another benefit of this form of IT support is improved data security as a result of it. Smart Hands services help to protect data by accomplishing consistent, regular maintenance checks and frequent data backups. Your business can greatly benefit from being protected from disastrous shutdowns that could take your company days or even weeks to recover from.


#3: Higher Productivity

Higher productivity is also another benefit. With reduced down times and higher reliability on the performance of collocation equipment, your business can now operate with more efficiency. Also, by preventing frequent and prolonged interruptions, your employees can focus more on the tasks and projects that really matter.


Interested in eVantage Technology’s Smart Hands Support Service? Find out more here, or click the green button below to contact us today!


eVantage Technology is a professional and trusted IT solutions provider, dedicated to providing exceptional service to companies in Singapore and across Asia.


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