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How to save & access files while on the go with no Internet Access?

So you are working from home, and your WiFi is suddenly not working. What happens if you have to urgently access and edit a file?

Well, the most common sense thing to do is to save and edit your files offline maybe on your Microsoft Word Document or Pages.

But nowadays, sharing, distributing and synchronising files have become an everyday part of work in many companies. So what if your colleagues in the office also needs to work on the same report as you?

But first, what is Enterprise File Sync & Share?

In general, the term Enterprise-File-Sync-and-Share-Solution (or EFSS Solution) refers to applications that enable data exchange and synchronisation within and outside of a company. The main focus thus lies on secure data transmission and cloud-based storage devices.

Moreover, EFSS-tools often use online-storages that are either located in a public cloud or in a company internal private cloud, where the data is stored centrally and encrypted.

How to save & access files while on the go?

Well the answer to that is to use EFSS solutions!

With EFSS solutions, work flows can now be more efficient across one’s organizations, and with one access point for all business content. Business users can now access files and collaborate across devices, teams and locations, while working from their mobile devices while traveling or even on their desktops back at the office. This makes working together on the same report or file seamless, secure and streamlined.

For example, EFSS Solutions can incorporate 3 aspects in order to unify collaboration:

  1. Native Desktop Experience – users can now customize their workflows with offline access, integrated file sharing, and a variety of application integrations

  2. Web-Based Simplicity via Connect Web UI – fastest way for users to access, share and edit content from anywhere for a seamless workflow

  3. Mobile Collaboration via the Mobile App – enables efficient collaboration for users on the go as users can now access, edit and share files right from their phones or tablets, even with the option of working offline when connections are spotty

In addition, all content moving from users, through apps to devices can be connected through a single collaboration platform. Any file changes will also be automatically synced across your organizations, which ensures that everyone has access to the latest versions of the file, regardless of one’s location.

But then you may ask, what if my internet connection is bad, or I have no internet connection at all?

Well, here’s how Enterprise File Sync & Share solutions can help you save & access files while on the go, with no Internet Access!

In today’s world, teams need to rely on reliable content collaboration platforms in order to access their projects anywhere and everywhere, even when the connection is bad.

This is where these EFSS solutions’ Desktop App And Mobile App comes in.

With a desktop or mobile app, this allows business users the ability to work offline, while being assured that any changes they make will be automatically synced to the cloud once Internet becomes available to them!

Ready to get started with EFSS Solution? Get your EFSS Solution Free Trial Today! Or click the green button to contact us to find out more.

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