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Why every business should use EFSS solutions

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Benefits of using Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solutions


Whether you are an executive, a member of IT staff or a user in a line of business, it is very likely that you will need to share files or collaborate with others on-demand from different geographical locations using a File Sync and Share (FSS) solution.

Hence, a reliable and robust FSS solution will be necessary for your business. 

In today’s world, the growing use of Cloud Computing, increasing network bandwidth and multi-region business collaborations is resulting in an increase popularity of cloud-based FSS solutions. Amongst these solutions are FSS services built mainly for general personal use for users who want to store files on cloud and share them with other individuals. In contrast, Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solutions is built for Businesses.


Here are 4 benefits of using EFSS solutions in your Business:


1. Centralised File Repository

EFSS solutions offer a centralised content repository for either the whole company, or its individual departments. This file sharing and collaboration access control can also be managed by users, workgroups or even departments. Files can be versioned, and previous versions can be restored in order to mitigate any potential corruption or attacks. Therefore, it provides businesses the security that their files and folders are safe.

2. Secure File Storage

As mentioned above, EFSS solutions provide security for businesses. With EFSS solutions, there are 3 aspects of security using the 256-bit AES data encryption – Security at Rest, Security in Motion, and Security in Use.

  1. Firstly, Security at Rest ensures that files and folders in repositories are protected from malicious access or hacks.

  2. Next, Security in Motion ensures content traveling through a network is protected from any unauthorised interception.

  3. And lastly, Security in Use ensures that only authorised users have access to such files and folders.

3. File Synchronisation across Worksites and Devices

Workplaces are becoming more mobile and diverse, with more people Hot Desking, or even working from home. You can have your CEO working from his own living room, his assistant working from the office, and his sales team working offsite with clients – yet all are able to access the same Sales folder with the use of EFSS solution! This allows employees to access files on-demand anywhere and everywhere.

A standardised File Sync and File Sharing solution across the company gives managers the full visibility and audit capabilities over the company data that is being viewed, edited and shared internally and externally.

4. Controlled Sharing

EFSS solutions allows you to share your files or folders with granular permission settings for read / write capabilities for the receiving party.

User roles and permissions can also be set accordingly to the desired level – namely “Owner”, “Full”, “Editor” and “Viewer”:

  1. Owners are given the full access to everything, including permissions management;

  2. Those with full permissions are allowed to download, upload, edit and delete content;

  3. Editors are only allowed to download, edit and upload;

  4. while Viewers are limited to previewing and downloading.

These permission access controls thus helps to prevent any user from deleting or moving any important files to another folder without permission to do so.


Therefore, Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) solutions is an essential aspect in all companies, big or small.

With EFSS solution, employees get to enjoy the productivity benefits that other FSS solutions platform offers, while IT managers can be assured of the company’s data security through its highly robust and advanced security features. And even if you are working from home, in the office, offsite, or even overseas, you can be assured your files and folders are secure and accessible on-demand anywhere you are!


EFSS solution is one of our IT Solutions we provide. For more information, visit our EFSS solutions webpage, or contact us by clicking below.


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